4 Siblings You Never Knew Aussie Star Jessica Mauboy Had

Jessica Hilda Mauboy has four siblings.

Jessica Hilda Mauboy is a talented Indonesian and Aboriginal Australian singer, songwriter, and actress, who has captivated audiences worldwide with her powerful voice and dynamic performances.

But beyond the spotlight, she shares a special bond with her siblings.

An image of Jessica Mauboy
Discover the fascinating untold stories of Jessica Mauboy’s siblings. Delve into the lives of these four remarkable individuals who played a significant role in shaping the Aussie star’s journey to fame/PHOTO COURTESY: Instagram

Jessica Mauboy’s Siblings

Sibling Relationship to Jessica Details
Sandra Mauboy Older Sister The eldest of Jessica’s siblings, Sandra has taken a culinary path, becoming a chef. While details are private, she provides unwavering support to Jessica.
Jenny Mauboy Older Sister Another pillar of Jessica’s close family, Jenny’s life details are limited. However, their shared childhood in Darwin undoubtedly fostered a strong bond.
Catherine Mauboy Older Sister The third eldest, Catherine adds to the family dynamic. Specifics about her life are scarce, but her presence holds significance in Jessica’s life.
Sophia Mauboy Younger Sister Completing the sibling circle is Sophia. Likely sharing laughter, secrets, and dreams since childhood, Sophia’s role in Jessica’s life is undoubtedly cherished.

The daughter of two Indigenous Australians, Jessica Mauboy.

Sandra, Jenny, and Catherine are her three older sisters, while Sophia is her younger sister.

Her father is an Indigenous person from the Northern Territory, while her mother is from the Kuku Yalanji tribe of Far North Queensland.

The Indonesian Missionary Uniting Church is a Christian organization with Jessica and her family as members.

Despite having a strong voice, she struggled with reading and writing due to dyslexia.

Her music incorporates Indigenous Australian ideas and traditions as a result of Mauboy’s heritage and lineage.

She has also advocated for the need to preserve Indigenous culture and heritage and for issues affecting Indigenous people.

Alongside her four sisters, Sandra, Jenny, Catherine, and Sophia, Jessica and her family are part of the Indonesian Missionary Uniting Church in Darwin.

Despite facing challenges due to dyslexia, Jessica persevered and became a vocal advocate, using her platform to address Indigenous issues and emphasize the importance of preserving Indigenous culture and heritage.

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Jessica Hilda Mauboy Sibling Sandra


As one of Jessica’s older sisters, Sandra Mauboy has been a constant source of support throughout her journey.

While details about Sandra’s life remain private, it’s evident that she plays an essential role in Jessica’s close-knit family.

Sandra is the oldest of Jessica’s siblings.

Born in Darwin, she has pursued a career as a chef.

While Jessica’s spotlight shines brightly in the entertainment industry, Sandra’s culinary talents have carved a different path.

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Jessica Hilda Mauboy Sibling Jenny

Another of Jessica’s older sisters, Jenny, has been by her side since childhood.

Their shared experiences growing up in Darwin, Northern Territory, have undoubtedly shaped their strong sibling connection.

While details about Jenny Mauboy remain limited, it’s evident that family is a cornerstone in Jessica’s life.

The support of siblings, especially during a career as demanding as hers, is invaluable.

Perhaps in the future, Jenny Mauboy might choose to step into the public eye alongside her sister at an awards ceremony or charity event.

Until then, we can appreciate the importance she plays in Jessica’s life, even if it’s from the sidelines.

The other two siblings are as follows:

1. Catherine: The third of Jessica’s older sisters, Catherine, adds to the family dynamics.

Although specifics about Catherine’s life are scarce, her presence in Jessica’s life is significant.

2. Sophia: Jessica’s younger sister, Sophia, completes the sibling circle.

From their early years, Sophia and Jessica have likely shared laughter, secrets, and dreams.

Sophia’s role in Jessica’s life is undoubtedly cherished.

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