A Family Under Scrutiny: The Jimmy Savile Siblings and the Media Onslaught

Jimmy Savile, a name that became synonymous with British media and later controversy, was the youngest of seven children.

His parents, Vincent Joseph Marie Savile and Agnes Monica Savile, managed a large and complex household.

This article takes a closer look at Jimmy Savile’s siblings, the scandals and accusations that surrounded him, and the profound effect these allegations had on his family.

Image of Jimmy Savile
Jimmy Savile

The Siblings

Jimmy was brought up with six siblings.

Mary Savile

As the eldest, Mary took on a role similar to that of a second parent, especially as their mother’s health declined.

She put her dreams on hold to keep the family stable and supportive.

Her efforts, often going unnoticed beyond their home, were crucial during challenging times.

Marjory Savile

Marjory pursued a career in nursing, motivated by her desire to help those in need.

She worked across the UK, focusing on areas with insufficient medical services.

Her selflessness and dedication defined her career, even though it meant she stayed away from the spotlight.

Vincent Savile

Vincent followed his father into carpentry and later started his own business, becoming known for his reliability and diligence.

His practical way of life sharply contrasted with Jimmy’s more flamboyant demeanor.

John Savile

Jimmy’s brother, John, pursued an academic career, becoming a university lecturer in history.

He was respected for his dedication to education and insightful lectures, although he remained a more reserved figure compared to his media-savvy brother.

Joan Savile

Jimmy Savile’s sister Joan decided to become a painter, inspired by the nature she grew up around.

Her art, celebrated in local circles, was her form of personal fulfillment, far removed from the public’s eye.

Christina Savile

Christina entered the retail business, owning a boutique that became well-known for its unique blend of vintage and contemporary fashion.

Her entrepreneurial spirit shone in her community, though her brother’s controversies often overshadowed her success.


Controversies and Accusations

The Savile family faced severe public scrutiny after allegations of sexual assault against Jimmy Savile and his brother Johnny emerged.

Jimmy, a former British media icon, and Johnny, associated with misconduct during his hospital work, both had their reputations tarnished.

These accusations led to intense media coverage and investigations, significantly impacting the family’s standing and forcing them to confront these serious claims.

The Impact on the Family

The accusations against Jimmy Savile and his brother caused deep distress within the Savile family.

Matters grew even more complicated when allegations surfaced that Jimmy had molested Marjory’s granddaughter, further damaging the family’s reputation.

The continuous controversy and negative public reactions weighed heavily on them.

Along with the shock and disappointment these accusations caused, they had to deal with constant media attention.

This difficult period strained the family’s relationships and tarnished their name as they struggled to cope with the complex emotions and repercussions of the scandal.


The story of the Savile siblings is overshadowed by Jimmy Savile’s public life and the ensuing scandals.

Their experiences highlight the complex dynamics within families and the significant impact of one member’s actions on the rest of the family.

Facts about Jimmy Savile’s Siblings

Sibling Fun Fact
Mary Savile She acted as a second parent, particularly as their mother’s health declined.
Marjory Savile He pursued a career in nursing, working across the UK to provide care in underserved areas.
Vincent Savile He followed his father’s footsteps into carpentry, later owning a successful business.
John Savile John ventured into academia as a university lecturer in history, known for his dedication to education.
Joan Savile She became a painter, inspired by the nature around her childhood home.
Christina Savile She ventured into the retail business, running a boutique known for its unique blend of fashion styles.


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