Aaron Hernandez Brother: All About D. J. Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez Brother.

Dennis “DJ” Hernandez, born on May 18, 1986, in Bristol, Connecticut, is the son of Dennis and Terri Hernandez.

Apart from being recognized as the brother of Aaron Hernandez, he has gained acclaim for his contributions to the development agency sector.

Since 2009, he has held the position of CEO at Gracias My Love, a development agency.

His professional background, as indicated on his LinkedIn profile, includes roles as a technical recruiter and business tax specialist in the Tampa, Florida, region.

Aaron Hernandez Brother: An image of two brothers, D.J. (right) traveled to see Aaron play with the Patriots, including New England’s trip to Super Bowl XLVI
An image of two brothers, D.J. (right) traveled to see Aaron play with the Patriots, including New England’s trip to Super Bowl XLVI. PHOTO: Profootballtalk.nbcsports.com


In the past, DJ aspired to become a football coach.

However, following his brother’s conviction, he opted to explore alternative paths.

One of these paths led him to establish High Rise Roofing, a roofing business initiated in 2016.

Concurrently, DJ adopted the name Jonathan to separate from his brother’s unlawful actions.

“Jonathan Hernandez used to be D.J. Hernandez, but his clients don’t know that unless he tells them. He usually does not tell them. There’s a lot that he does not tell them,”  Michael Rosenberg wrote in a Sports Illustrated feature.

“They need to know when their roof will be fixed, not that their roofer sometimes takes calls from his famous brother at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Lancaster, Mass.”

DJ earned a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master’s degree in educational psychology from the University of Connecticut.

5 Facts To Know About Aaron Hernandez’s Brother Following His Arrest

Aaron Hernandez Brother: An infographic on 5 facts  about Aaron Hernandez’s Brother Following His Arrest
An infographic on 5 facts about Aaron Hernandez’s Brother Following His Arrest.


Dennis John “D.J.” Hernandez, the older brother of the deceased Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, is currently under police custody following allegations of orchestrating planned shootings at local colleges, as reported by multiple sources.

According to the Bristol, Connecticut Police Department, a woman who identified herself as Hernandez’s former girlfriend claimed that on July 7, he drove to Brown University and UConn with the intention of “mapping out” the schools, indicating it was part of his planning process, as per police statements.

That same day, Hernandez was supposed to appear in court for an unrelated incident.

However, the woman asserted that he used her car to visit the campuses instead.

The 37-year-old Hernandez has been apprehended and faces charges of breach of peace and threatening, as stated by the police department.

He is being held on a $250,000 bond and is set for a hearing next week, according to information from TMZ.

Here are five key facts about Dennis John “D.J.” Hernandez.

  • Aaron Hernandez Once Committed To UConn To Play With His Brother

D.J. Hernandez dedicated five seasons to college football with the UConn Huskies, transitioning from a quarterback to ultimately becoming a starting wide receiver.

He served as a team captain in his last two seasons and was honored with the UConn Football Alumni Award in 2007 for his outstanding teamwork, as recognized on the school’s website.

Initially, Aaron Hernandez, a highly sought-after recruit, had committed to join D.J. at UConn.

“I wish my dad was here now that more schools are coming. Notre Dame just came on recently and it makes you think. It just makes me think more,” Hernandez said at the time in an interview with the Hartford Courant. “My dad would have been able to help me out even more. But I’m sure he would have wanted me to attend UConn. My family wants me to go to UConn and my heart’s at UConn.’’

Hernandez ended up playing for Urban Meyer at the University of Florida.

  • He Coached College Football At Brown And Iowa 

Following the conclusion of his playing career, D.J. Hernandez transitioned into coaching.

He dedicated two years to Southington High School in Connecticut before taking on the role of a graduate assistant at Miami.

Hernandez then served as a quarterbacks coach at Brown and later as a tight-ends coach at Iowa.

As reported by the Hartford Courant, Hernandez took a hiatus from coaching for several years to manage a roofing business in Dallas.

Subsequently, he was appointed as the head coach of Ledyard High School in Connecticut.

However, his tenure at Ledyard lasted only one season, marking his most recent coaching position.

  • He Wrote A Book About His Relationship With His Brother

In 2018, a book titled “The Truth About Aaron: My Journey to Understand My Brother” was released by the author D.J. Hernandez.

Following Aaron Hernandez’s murder conviction in 2018, the author changed his name to Jonathan Hernandez, as reflected in the book’s authorship attribution.

One of the highlights from the book’s description on Amazon is as follows:

“A shocking and moving account of promise, tragedy, and loss — of one man’s descent into rage and violence, as told by the person who knew him more closely than anyone else.

  • He’s Been Arrested Multiple Times This Year

Hernandez’s recent history includes a series of arrests.

In March, TMZ reported that he engaged in a car chase with the police, leading to criminal charges.

Additionally, Hernandez was arrested in another incident where he allegedly threw a bag containing a brick and a handwritten note onto ESPN property in Bristol.

“To all media outlets, It’s about time you all realize the effect media has on all family members,” the note said, according to police. “Since you’re a worldwide leader maybe you could lead how media and messages are delivered brick by brick. Clean it up! Yours truly, Dennis J. Hernandez.”

Hernandez did not show up in court for the charges linked to the brick-throwing incident, leading the judge to issue a re-arrest order.

  • He Allegedly Said He Has A ‘Bullet For Everyone’

Based on the arrest warrant acquired by WSFB in Hartford, a woman who had been in a relationship with Hernandez for a while and had recently ended it expressed worry about Hernandez’s mental well-being.

The woman informed the police that Hernandez mentioned “he has a bullet for everyone, that he loves me, but even you’re … not safe.”

She expressed that she didn’t feel targeted “explicitly,” yet she harbored apprehensions about the significance of the remark and his mental well-being.

Final Thoughts

Dennis “DJ” Hernandez, once a successful CEO and entrepreneur, faced unexpected challenges due to the notorious actions of his late brother Aaron Hernandez.

Rebranding as Jonathan, DJ’s life has taken a troubling turn with arrests related to planned shootings and erratic behavior.

Despite a promising start in football and as an author, concerns about his mental well-being and safety arise, adding complexity to the tragic Hernandez family narrative.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What happened to Aaron Hernandez’s brother?

Dennis “DJ” Hernandez, sibling of the deceased NFL player Aaron Hernandez, has been arrested on charges of making threats against the University of Connecticut, Brown University, and specific individuals.

  • Did Aaron Hernandez have any siblings?

Aaron Hernandez had a brother by the name of D. J. Hernandez.

  • What did Dennis Hernandez do?

Referred to as DJ Hernandez, he faces charges of making threats to carry out a mass shooting at UConn and intimidating three individuals whose identities were not revealed in court records.

He is accused of engaging in interstate communications that include threats of harm and participating in interstate stalking.

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