Addison Rae siblings:Beyond TikTok fame


“Who Are Addison Rae siblings? Dive into the lives of Addison’s two younger brothers, their shared TikTok account, and their individual.
“Who Are Addison Rae siblings? Dive into the lives of Addison’s two younger brothers, their shared TikTok account, and their individual.

Addison Rae, the enchanting TikTok sensation and star of “He’s All That,” isn’t just about dance moves and lip-syncs.

Behind the screen, her family story unfolds—a tale of love, resilience, and a touch of scandal.

Let’s dive into the lives of the Rae siblings and discover what makes this Louisiana-born clan tick.

Sheri Easterling: The Mom Who Knows Best

Sheri Easterling, Addison’s mother, is more than just a parent.

She’s her confidante, partner-in-crime, and the woman who shaped her journey.

Sheri’s single-mom years, when Addison was aged 3 to 6, were filled with shared moments at work.

Yes, Addison practically grew up in her mom’s workplace! Their bond is so strong that they even co-host the delightful podcast, “Mama Knows Best.”

From awkward conversations to heartfelt advice, Sheri is the anchor in Addison’s stormy sea of fame.

Monty Lopez: The On-and-Off Dad

Monty Lopez, Addison’s father, adds complexity to the family saga.

Their relationship has seen its share of twists—divorce, remarriage, and whispers of infidelity.

Monty’s presence in Addison’s life has been sporadic, but it’s left an indelible mark.

He’s the father of her two younger brothers, Enzo and Lucas. Despite the storms, Monty remains a part of their lives, navigating the delicate balance between fame and family.

 Macye Neumeyer

Macye Neumeyer, Addison’s older half-sister, brings a different flavor to the mix.

With two daughters of her own, she’s a seasoned mom.

Macye’s journey diverged from Addison’s, yet their shared blood ties weave them together.

Her wisdom and experience add depth to the family tapestry.

Enzo Lopez

Born on November 16, 2007, Enzo quickly gained fame as a member of the social media family.

He has featured in TikTok videos alongside his sister and parents since an early age.

Lucas Lopez

Addison’s other younger brother, Lucas, is also part of the family.

While he hasn’t achieved the same level of success as Addison, he has established his presence on social media.


Does Addison Rae have any sisters?

Despite rumors suggesting that Addison has a sister, she does not.

Her only biological siblings are her two younger brothers, Enzo and Lucas.

Is there another sibling in Addison Rae’s family?

Yes, there is an older half-sister named Macye Lopez Neumeyer.

However, she is not Addison’s biological sister but rather a half-sibling.



Addison Rae has two younger brothers, Enzo Lopez and Lucas Lopez.

Enzo, born on November 16, 2007, has gained fame through social media alongside his sister and parents.

Lucas, the other younger brother, also has a presence on social media.

Additionally, Addison has an older half-sister named Macye Lopez Neumeyer, although she is not her biological sister.

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