Alaina Mathers Siblings: The Untold Story of Eminem’s Adopted Daughter

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Who are Alaina Mathers Siblings? Alaina Mathers is one of Eminem’s three adopted daughters. Learn more about her life, her siblings, and her relationship with the rap legend/IMAGE CREDIT: INSTAGRAM

Alaina Mathers is one of the three children of legendary rapper Eminem, but she is not his biological daughter.

She is the niece of his ex-wife Kim Scott, who adopted her when her biological mother Dawn Scott died of a drug overdose.

Alaina has two siblings, Hailie Jade and Stevie Laine, who are also Eminem’s children.

In this article, we will explore the lives and relationships of Alaina Mathers siblings and how they grew up under the shadow of their famous father.

Alaina Mathers Siblings

Stevie Laine Mathers

Stevie Laine Mathers is the youngest child of Eminem and the biological child of Kim Scott and Eric Hartter.

They were born as Whitney Laine Scott on April 16, 2002, in Saint Joseph, Missouri.

Stevie’s biological father, Eric Hartter, was a popular tattoo artist, who had a brief relationship with Kim Scott when she was separated from Eminem.

Hartter had a history of drug abuse and legal troubles, and he died of an overdose in 2020.

Eminem adopted Stevie in 2005 after he and Kim Scott reconciled and remarried.

However, the couple divorced again in 2006, and Eminem raised Stevie as his own child, along with Hailie and Alaina.

Stevie has been very private about their life, but they opened up about their gender identity in 2021, when they announced on TikTok that they are non-binary and go by the name Stevie Laine.

They also revealed their pronouns as they/she/he and thanked their followers for their support.

Stevie has a strong resemblance to their father, Eminem, and they often share their love for music and art on social media.

They also have a tattoo of a rose on their arm, which is similar to Eminem’s tattoo of Hailie’s name.

Hailie Jade

Hailie Jade is the eldest and the only biological child of Eminem and Kim Scott. She was born on December 25, 1995, in Detroit, Michigan.

She is the muse and the motivation for many of Eminem’s songs, such as “Hailie’s Song”, “Mockingbird”, and “Castle”.

Hailie grew up in the spotlight, as her parents’ turbulent relationship and her father’s fame made headlines.

She witnessed their multiple marriages and divorces, as well as their legal battles and drug issues.

However, she also received their love and support, and she credits them for pushing her to be the person she is.

Hailie is a smart and successful woman, who graduated from Chippewa Valley High School with a 3.9 GPA and was named the homecoming queen in 2013.

She then attended Michigan State University, where she earned a degree in psychology and joined the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority.

Hailie is also an influencer and a podcaster, who has over 2.5 million followers on Instagram and over 200,000 subscribers on Spotify.

She posts pictures and videos of her fashion, fitness, and lifestyle, and she hosts a podcast called “The Hailie Show”, where she talks about various topics and interviews guests.

Hailie is engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Evan McClintock, whom she met at university and started dating in 2016.

They announced their engagement on Instagram in February 2023, with a picture of McClintock proposing and a close-up of the ring.

They also have a dog named Lottie, who often appears on Hailie’s social media.


Alaina Mathers siblings are Hailie Jade and Stevie Laine.

They are all children of Eminem, either by blood or by adoption.

It is also said that Alaina Mathers has two biological siblings: Patrick Scott and Adam Scott.

Alaina Mathers siblings have faced many challenges and tragedies in their lives, but they have also overcome them with their resilience and talent.

They are all successful and happy in their own ways, and they share a strong bond with each other and their father.


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