Alix Earle Siblings- Into The Lives of The TikTok Star’s Large Family

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Alix Earle is a popular personality on TikTok and hosts the “Hot Mess” podcast.

She’s known for being very open with her followers.

She shares everything from her beauty routines to personal experiences(like undergoing breast augmentation surgery).

Alix comes from a blended family, with one biological sister and three step-siblings.

Her social media posts often feature her parents and siblings, showing how close they are despite past challenges.

Her father, Thomas Earle, made headlines in 2008 for having an affair with Ashley Dupre.

Ashley had previously been involved in a scandal with the former governor of New York.

Despite this rocky start, Alix says her family has moved past it.

She even describes her relationship with Dupre as “super close.”

Alix Earle rose to fame by sharing her life openly on social media, including her family dynamics and personal experiences.

Her siblings often appear in her content, adding to the intrigue of her online presence.

Alix Earle’s Siblings

Alix Earle Siblings

Alix Earle has siblings from both her biological family and her father’s second marriage.

Her biological sister is Ashtin Earle.

Ashtin is younger than Alix and is currently studying at Tulane University.

She’s also become popular on social media, thanks to appearing in Alix’s videos.

From her father’s second marriage to Ashley Dupré, Alix has three half-siblings:

  • Izabel Earle
  • Penelope Earle
  • Thomas James Earle II

They often appear in Alix’s videos going out together or in Alix’s ‘Get Ready With Me Videos’

Alix Earle’s siblings are her biological sister Ashtin and half-siblings Izabel, Penelope, and Thomas from her father’s second marriage.

Alix’s Relationship with Her Siblings

Alix has a close bond with her siblings, Ashtin, Izabel, Penelope, and Thomas.

She often shares moments with them on social media, like vacations and funny moments.

For instance, Ashtin has gained a big following on TikTok, appearing in Alix’s posts.

Izabel helps Alix with outfit choices and makeup, adding her sassy remarks in their TikTok videos.

Penelope enjoys doing makeup with Alix and has shared her passion for horseback riding.

Alix has expressed her closeness to Penelope, mentioning that they share similar personalities.

Thomas, the youngest sibling, praises Alix for playing games with him, showing their strong sibling bond.

Alix once said, “My siblings mean the world to me. I love sharing fun moments with them and showing our bond to the world.”


Alix Earle isn’t just a social media star, she’s also part of a fun-loving family.

Alix’s family adds a heartwarming touch to her online presence, from her sister Ashtin to her half-siblings, Izabel, Penelope, and Thomas.

It’s clear they share a special connection, and their occasional appearances in her content give fans a glimpse into Alix’s life beyond the spotlight.


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