Amanda Bynes’ Siblings: The Bynes Siblings’ Tale of Togetherness

Point Details
Name Amanda Laura Bynes
Nickname Amanda
Occupation Actress
Birthdate April 3, 1986
Birthplace Thousand Oaks, California, United States
Parents Lynn Bynes (mother) and Rick Bynes (father)
Father’s Occupation Dentist
Mother’s Occupation Assistant to father, office manager
Early Life Raised in California
Siblings Jillian O’Keefe and Tommy Bynes
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Amanda Bynes | Photo courtesy: NBC News

Amanda Bynes, commonly known as Amanda, is a successful American actress born on April 3, 1986, in Thousand Oaks, California.

Raised by her parents Lynn and Rick Bynes, with her father being a dentist and her mother assisting him in managing the office, Amanda developed an early interest in acting.

Starting her career as a child actress, she quickly gained recognition and achieved notable success. Amanda’s relatives deeply cherished her, considering her the youngest in the family.

Despite her professional accomplishments, Amanda’s personal life has been marked by challenges. Recently, her family faced distressing allegations regarding her father, Rick Bynes.

Lynn Bynes, Amanda’s mother, vehemently denied accusations of abuse, emphasizing Rick’s exemplary character as a husband and father.

In a statement issued through their attorney, Amanda’s siblings, Jillian O’Keefe and Tommy Bynes, expressed unwavering support for their parents, denouncing the allegations and affirming their love and admiration for them.

Meet Amanda Bynes Siblings

Tommy Bynes

Tommy Bynes, Amanda’s elder brother, hails from a diverse heritage, with roots in Irish, Lithuanian, Polish, and Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry.

Born on December 5, 1973, he grew up under the guidance of his father, a retired dentist of mixed heritage, and his mother, an office manager from a Jewish background.

Despite a significant age gap between them, Tommy supported Amanda during her early steps into Hollywood, while pursuing his career as a chiropractor.

Growing up, Tommy embraced exposure to both Catholicism and Judaism, as his parents encouraged him to explore both religions. However, he later found his path as a spiritual individual.

Comedy ran in the family’s veins, with their father being not only a dentist but also a hobbyist comedy club performer. This familial influence led Tommy to dabble in stage performances during his high school years.

Transitioning into adulthood, Tommy chose to follow his father’s professional footsteps into healthcare. Since the late ’90s, he has worked tirelessly as a chiropractor, specializing in services ranging from nutritional counseling to muscle pain therapy.

His dedication culminated in the authorship of “Sinner to Thinner,” a guidebook promoting holistic wellness and healthy living.

Tommy’s fervor for his vocation is evident through his hosting of wellness lectures, where attendees are motivated with incentives such as prized possessions from Amanda’s successful career.

Throughout Amanda’s rise to fame in Hollywood, Tommy remained a steadfast support. Despite her celebrity status, Amanda maintained a grounded lifestyle, a testament to their family’s values.

Jillian O’Keefe


Jillian Bynes, who was born on February 1, 1983, in Thousand Oaks, California, influenced her sister Amanda Bynes’ acting career early on.

Despite possessing talent in entertainment, Jillian chose a path away from the limelight and pursued a career in education instead.

Jillian’s father, Rick Bynes, encouraged her early interest in entertainment due to his background in stand-up comedy.

By the age of 16, she was already involved in community theater, inspiring Amanda to follow suit.

However, Jillian ultimately pursued higher education, earning a Multiple Teach Credential for Elementary Education and Teaching from California State University. She later obtained a Master’s degree from Pepperdine University.

Rather than pursuing an acting career, Jillian dedicated herself to teaching. She worked as a substitute teacher before becoming a full-time kindergarten teacher in various school districts, including Conejo Valley Unified School District and Los Angeles Unified School District.

Her commitment to education led her to positions at Eanes Independent School District and Austin Independent School District before settling at Rutledge Elementary and Block House Creek in 2020.

Jillian’s personal life

Jillian’s personal life includes her marriage to Brandon O’Keefe in 2008, after which she adopted his surname.

Amidst public turmoil surrounding her family, including Amanda’s accusations of abuse against their father, Jillian stood by her parents and expressed unconditional love and support.

Despite the challenges within her family, Jillian remains focused on her career in education, impacting the lives of thousands of students through her work with Leander IST.


As for Amanda, her struggles with mental health have been widely documented.

Amanda’s journey has been tumultuous from public outbursts on social media to instances of erratic behavior. While she has shown signs of improvement at times, such as in 2021, setbacks like the incident in March 2023 serve as stark reminders of the ongoing challenges she faces.

Through it all, Jillian and Tommy continue supporting her sister, emphasizing the importance of family solidarity in times of adversity.

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