Angus Young Siblings; Biography, Education, Relationships, Net Worth, and Many More

Angus Young, the electrifying lead guitarist of AC/DC, is a rock legend known for his schoolboy attire, blistering riffs, and electrifying stage presence. But the firebrand guitarist wasn’t born a solo act. Having emerged from a vibrant family brimming with musical talent, Angus Young Siblings played a pivotal role in shaping his passion and career.

Angus Young Siblings

Let’s crank up the volume and delve into the lives of Angus Young’s siblings, exploring their influence on the man who rocks stadiums worldwide.

Early Life and the Musical Clan

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1955, Angus was the youngest of eight children. Music filled their home, with his father encouraging artistic expression.

His eldest brother, Stevie, played accordion, paving the way for Alex, John, and George, who picked up guitars and vocals.

In 1963, the family moved to Sydney, Australia, where the musical seeds sprouted.

George and Malcolm Young formed the Easybeats, becoming rock and roll pioneers in the land down under.

Inspired by their success, Angus, at the tender age of five or six, picked up his first guitar, receiving one lesson from Alex before launching into self-taught mastery.

Meet the Young Gang: Angus Young Siblings

Malcolm Young (1953-2017)

Angus’s older brother and musical partner-in-crime. Together, they co-founded AC/DC and built a rock empire.

Although quieter than Angus, Malcolm’s rhythm guitar and songwriting were the backbone of the band’s sound.

Their brotherly bond, both on and off stage, was a force to be reckoned with.

George Young (1946-2017)

Another musical pioneer, George was a producer, songwriter, and musician himself.

He played a crucial role in launching AC/DC, producing their early albums, and shaping their raw sound.

He was also a mentor and confidante to Angus, offering guidance and encouragement throughout his career.

Angus Young Siblings

The Rest of the Young Tribe, The Rest of Angus Young Siblings

While Malcolm and George shine the brightest musically, the other siblings deserve a shoutout.

Stephen, the eldest, was a pianist and accordion player, while Margaret, Angus’s only sister, nurtured his love for music and performance.

John and Alex also dabbled in music, adding to the family’s vibrant artistic tapestry.

Impact on Angus Young Siblings on His Career and Passions

The Young siblings weren’t just a cheering section; they were active players in Angus’s musical journey.

Their musicality exposed him to different genres and techniques, while their unwavering support fueled his confidence.

George’s production prowess polished AC/DC’s sound, and Malcolm’s songwriting partnership provided a creative anchor.

Beyond music, the siblings instilled in Angus a strong work ethic, resilience, and a fierce sense of family.

Their shared experiences, from Glasgow pubs to Sydney stages, laid the foundation for his down-to-earth personality and enduring connection with fans.

Angus Young Siblings

Angus Young Siblings – Quick Facts

Frequently Asked Questions about Angus Young Siblings

1. Q: How many siblings does Angus Young, the guitarist of AC/DC, have?

  • A: Angus Young has two siblings, a brother named Malcolm Young (also a co-founder of AC/DC) and a sister named Margaret Young.

2. Q: Is Angus Young the only member of his family in AC/DC?

  • A: No, Angus Young’s brother, Malcolm Young, was a co-founder and rhythm guitarist of AC/DC until his retirement due to health reasons in 2014.

3. Q: Are Angus and Malcolm Young the only siblings involved in music?

  • A: While Angus and Malcolm are the most well-known for their roles in AC/DC, there is no widely known information about other siblings being involved in the music industry.

4. Q: Did Angus Young collaborate with his brother, Malcolm, on songwriting for AC/DC?

  • A: Yes, Angus and Malcolm Young collaborated extensively on songwriting for AC/DC, contributing to the band’s iconic sound and success.

5. Q: Are Angus Young’s siblings still active in the music industry?

  • A: Angus Young’s brother, Malcolm, passed away in 2017. There is no widely known information about Angus’ sister, Margaret, being actively involved in the music industry.


Angus Young’s story is not just about shredding guitars and filling stadiums; it’s about the power of family.

His siblings were instrumental in shaping his musical journey, providing him with inspiration, support, and a lifelong bond.

So, the next time you hear AC/DC thunder through the speakers, remember, it’s not just Angus on stage – it’s the echo of a musical family with rhythm woven into its very DNA.

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