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Elsa Oldenburg, daughter of King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, older sister of Anna, and former queen of Arendelle, was born with the extraordinary ability to manipulate ice and snow.

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Elsa Oldenburg
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In her youth, she delighted in using her powers to entertain her sister, Anna.

However, a tragic accident occurred when Elsa unintentionally harmed Anna with her powers, leading to Anna’s memories being erased. This event instilled a deep fear within Elsa, making her unable to control her abilities properly.

Haunted by the potential harm her powers could cause, Elsa spent much of her formative years isolated from the world, distancing herself from her family to avoid further accidents.

Despite the pain of separation, Elsa believed it necessary to protect her loved ones from the danger she posed.

During her coronation, Elsa’s powers were inadvertently revealed, leading her to flee Arendelle in search of solace and understanding.

Away from the pressures of society, Elsa found peace in experimenting with her powers and learning to harness them fully.

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As time passed, Elsa embarked on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance, eventually reconciling with her sister Anna, as well as Sora Yujo, Donald, and Goofy.

Amidst the chaos of the Worlds War, where the Malica Universe’s superpowers teetered on the brink of collapse, Elsa emerged as a protector of her world, known as the Fifth Spirit.

Her remarkable abilities caught the attention of the Order of Ashla, a group of Jedi from another universe.

Under their guidance, Elsa honed her connection to the Force, mastering her powers to aid not only the Malican worlds but also the United Commonwealths of Worlds in their time of need.

Elsa Oldenburg Biography

In her early years, Elsa maintained a close bond with her younger sister Anna. However, one day, she inexplicably withdrew from Anna’s company.

Over the years, their interactions dwindled until Elsa’s coronation day, when Anna eagerly anticipated reconnecting with her sister.

Regrettably, during the celebration, a disagreement erupted between them, prompting Elsa to inadvertently reveal her magical abilities and push Anna away, prompting Elsa to flee Arendelle out of fear of harming others.

Unbeknownst to her, a group followed Elsa to the North Mountain and approached her. Initially hesitant, Elsa inquired about their identity, and they introduced themselves as Sora Yujo, Donald Duck, and Goofy.

Despite their concern, Elsa insisted on being left alone.

Sora attempted to delve into her troubles, triggering Elsa to unleash her powers in shock.


Subsequently, the arrival of Heartless compelled the heroes to defend against them while Elsa sought refuge, revealing her lack of control over her abilities and their harmful potential.

After the Heartless were defeated, Elsa expressed gratitude to the trio for their protection and apologized for her outburst.

When a Winterhorn threatened them, Elsa demonstrated her ice powers, impressing Sora. However, Elsa remained convinced that her magic was dangerous.

Sora urged her to return home, but she explained her plan to isolate herself to safeguard Arendelle, erecting a barrier of ice to prevent their pursuit.

Later, the group found Elsa embracing her powers, bringing Olaf to life and constructing an ice palace. Anna implored Elsa to end Arendelle’s eternal winter, prompting Elsa’s frustration and unintentional harm to Anna.

Elsa’s guardian, Marshmallow, ejected Anna from the palace, and Elsa was later knocked unconscious and abducted by Hans.

On a frozen lake, Hans attempted to kill Elsa, but Anna intervened and became frozen. Believing her sister to be dead, Elsa’s tears of love thawed Anna, revealing the power of true love.

This realization halted the eternal winter, saving Arendelle.

Elsa Oldenburg Engagement in War

During the Malican War, Elsa had grown somewhat accustomed to the realization that she was the fifth spirit and had to relinquish the throne of Arendelle.

However, upon hearing news of Sora and the other Keybearers going missing, she became notably stern.

Upon regaining consciousness after a recent battle, Elsa found herself on a stretcher with bandages, prompting her to demand explanations from a nurse.

She was informed that she was at the “Base” of the Jedi of Ashla, an Order comprised of Jedi from the Viau Universe who had been stranded in the Malica Universe after inadvertently entering a portal between their worlds two centuries prior to the Purge in the Viau Universe.

Recalling stories about this Order being as renowned as the Keyblade Order, Elsa learned that they were now operating as a partisan group behind enemy lines, aiming to disrupt the supply chains of the Heartless Empire’s advance toward Arendelle.

This revelation unsettled Elsa, and although she wished to leave, her recovering injury prevented her from doing so.

The location contained troops, contractors, partisans. What intrigued her most was witnessing two operators in skeet shooting.

Their use of the Force impressed her. It enabled the operator to manipulate the shotgun and ammunition quickly.

She inquired about this phenomenon, learning about the Force. However, the Jedi refused to teach her due to the risk of power overload.


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