Aphrodite Siblings, Parents And Children

Who Are Aphrodite Siblings?

In the pantheon of Greek mythology, few deities evoke the same reverence and fascination as Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.

Renowned for her unparalleled beauty and captivating aura, Aphrodite’s presence in ancient lore is marked by admiration and intrigue.

Aphrodite Siblings
Aphrodite Siblings


Aphrodite, the embodiment of femininity and grace, was unequivocally female in gender.

Her essence radiated the quintessence of womanhood, captivating all who beheld her divine form.

An Infographic On Aphrodite Siblings


Aphrodite’s physical allure was legendary, celebrated for its ethereal beauty and enchanting charm.

Adorned with exquisite jewelry that accentuated her divine features, she commanded attention wherever she went.

Her elegant attire, coupled with a perpetual smile, enhanced her irresistible allure and made her an object of adoration for mortals and gods alike.

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With an irresistible allure and a joyful disposition, Aphrodite captivated the hearts of those around her. However, perceptions of her character varied among individuals.

While many revered her as lovely and charming, others perceived her as cunning and deceitful, attributing her actions to a darker nature beneath her radiant facade.

Roles and Responsibilities

As the preeminent goddess of love and beauty on Mount Olympus, Aphrodite held a unique position of influence over both mortals and immortals.

Her close connections to humanity and the natural world underscored her role as a mediator between the divine and the earthly realms, shaping the course of love and desire with her divine presence.

Goddess of

Aphrodite’s domain encompassed the realms of love and beauty, wielding her influence to inspire passion and adoration among mortals and gods alike.

Her divine essence permeated all aspects of romantic and aesthetic pursuits, enriching the world with her ethereal grace.


Endowed with formidable power, Aphrodite possessed the ability to sway the emotions of both gods and mortals with unparalleled finesse.

Her mastery over love and desire granted her dominion over the hearts of all who crossed her path, ensuring her place as a revered figure in the annals of mythology.

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Aphrodite Symbols

The symbols associated with Aphrodite reflected the essence of her divine realm, embodying themes of love, beauty, and fertility.

From the gentle cooing of doves to the shimmering iridescence of seashells, each symbol served as a testament to Aphrodite’s enduring influence over the hearts and minds of humanity.

In the tapestry of ancient mythology, Aphrodite remains a timeless embodiment of beauty, love, and desire, captivating the imagination of generations with her celestial allure and eternal grace.

Aphrodite Siblings : Family

Parents: Aphrodite’s parents were Zeus and Dione.

Aphrodite Siblings

Being one of Zeus’s daughters, Aphrodite had numerous half-siblings due to Zeus’s many affairs.

Her half-siblings included Hephaestus, Ares, Athena, Artemis, Apollo, Hermes, Dionysus, and Persephone.

She did not have any full siblings.

Husband: Aphrodite was married to Hephaestus, although she was romantically involved with Ares.

Children: Aphrodite bore many children, although some of their names remain obscure.

Her children included Eros, Himeros, Pothos, Phobos, Deimos, Armonia, and the Nymph Rhode.

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