Attack on Titan Sibling Bonds: Zeke and Eren Journey in Discovering Their Shared Bloodline

Zeke and Eren Jaeger are half-brothers through their common father, Grisha Jaeger, but they had no idea about each other’s existence at the beginning of the story.
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Zeke and Eren
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He learns about Eren from Reiner and Bertolt, who tell him about their former comrade during the Marleyan invasion, and this revelation leaves him deeply shocked.
Zeke believes that Eren might be suffering from the same manipulation and indoctrination that he himself endured under Grisha’s influence.
Determined to help his brother, Zeke begins to devise a plan to capture Jaeger, who possesses the Founding Titan, intending to steer him away from Grisha’s destructive path.

Zeke’s Plan to Capture Eren in Shiganshina

Zeke’s first attempt to capture Eren takes place during the Scouts’ mission to Shiganshina, where Eren and his allies seal the Wall to prevent the Titans from entering the city.

Zeke, accompanied by his comrades, launches a surprise attack on the Survey Corps.

During the intense battle, Levi Ackerman manages to attack Zeke, cutting him out from his Beast Titan form. However, Zeke is saved by the Cart Titan, allowing him to escape.

As they retreat, Zeke finally catches sight of Jaeger and attempts to talk to him. He tells Eren that they’re both victims of their father’s influence and vows to return and save him one day.

Eren and Zeke’s Meeting in Marley

Years later, the brothers meet again when Eren infiltrates Marley, posing as a wounded soldier to gather intelligence.

During this encounter, Zeke shares his plan to euthanize the Eldians with Eren, who seems receptive to the idea.

However, the true motivations behind Eren’s agreement are unclear.

Later, when the Survey Corps arrive in Marley to retrieve Eren, they capture Zeke as well, which was part of their plan all along.

While on Paradis Island, Zeke asks Levi to take him to Eren, but Levi dismisses his request.

The Final Battle in Shiganshina

The brothers meet again in Shiganshina during a crucial battle. Zeke joins the fray to support his brother, assuring Eren that he will deal with their enemies.

When Reiner and Porco launch another attack on Eren, Zeke intervenes to protect him.

After some intense fighting, both brothers leave their titan forms and crawl toward each other, pretending to surrender. At this moment, Gabi Braun shoots Eren, severing his head from his body.

Despite his injuries, Zeke manages to catch Eren’s head before it hits the ground, allowing the Founding Titan’s healing power to work.

Zeke’s True Plan and the Revelation in the Paths

Zeke enters the Paths to wait for Eren and discuss their next steps.

When Eren arrives, he makes it clear that he has no intention of supporting Zeke’s plan.

Zeke assumes that Eren has been brainwashed by Grisha and takes him through their father’s memories to show him the truth.

However, Eren wasn’t manipulated; instead, he used Zeke to access the Paths and manipulate Grisha’s memories to activate the Rumbling.

When Eren initiates the Rumbling, Zeke is consumed by the titan Eren transforms into, leaving his consciousness within the Paths.

Fanon and the Perception of Zeke and Eren’s Relationship

Zeke and Eren’s relationship is generally viewed positively by fans, as Zeke appears to care deeply about his younger brother.

Some fans, however, find Eren’s manipulation questionable, suggesting that Zeke’s motives were more sincere.

Despite not fully trusting Eren, Zeke genuinely wanted to save him from what he saw as a doomed fate.

Many fans admire Zeke’s dedication to his brother, focusing on his commitment to protect him despite their complicated history and differences in ideology.


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