Bella Ramsey Siblings: Does the Game of Thrones Star Have Any Brothers or Sisters?

Bella Ramsey Siblings

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You may know Bella Ramsey from Game of Thrones, The Worst Witch, or The Last of Us. But do you know who their siblings are? Discover the family background and relationships of the 20-year-old star in this article/PHOTO: Facebook

Bella Ramsey is a young and talented actor who rose to fame for their role as Lyanna Mormont in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones.

They have also starred in other shows and movies, such as:

But what about their personal life? Does Bella Ramsey have any siblings?

Tag along as we explore the family background and relationships of the 20-year-old star.

Who Are Bella Ramsey’s Parents?

Bella Ramsey was born on September 25, 2003, in Nottingham, England.

Their full name is Isabella May Ramsey.

Bella’s father, Alex Ramsey, is a businessman who also plays the trumpet.

Their mother’s name and occupation are not publicly known, but Bella has mentioned her in some interviews and social media posts.

Bella’s parents are supportive and proud of their daughter’s achievements.

They have also helped Bella cope with the challenges and pressures of being a young actor in the spotlight.

Does Bella Ramsey Have Any Siblings?

Bella Ramsey has one older sister, whose name has not been revealed.

Bella and their sister have a close bond and share a passion for acting.

They both attended the Stagecoach Theatre Arts school in Loughborough for seven years, where they participated in various drama clubs and amateur groups.

They also joined the Television Workshop in Nottingham, where they learned professional acting skills and auditioned for roles.

Bella’s sister has appeared in some short films and plays but has not pursued acting as a career.

What Is Bella Ramsey’s Relationship With Their Siblings?

Bella Ramsey and their sister have a loving and supportive relationship.

They enjoy spending time together and having fun.

They also encourage and inspire each other in their pursuits and interests.

Bella has said that their sister is one of their best friends and role models.

They have also expressed their gratitude and admiration for their sister on social media.

For example, in 2019, Bella posted a photo of them and their sister on Instagram, with the caption:

“Happy birthday to my amazing sister. You are the best sister anyone could ever ask for. You are so kind, funny, talented, and beautiful. I love you so much and I’m so proud of you.”


Bella Ramsey is a successful and acclaimed actor who has starred in several popular shows and movies.

They have also won awards and recognition for their performances.

But behind the scenes, they have a normal and happy family life.

Bella Ramsey has one older sister, who is also an actor and their best friend.

They also have supportive and loving parents, who have helped them achieve their dreams and cope with the challenges of fame.

Bella Ramsey’s sibling is an important part of their life and career.


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