Beyond the Beats: Meet Young Thug Siblings Who Are Making Waves in the Rap Scene

Young Thug siblings
Young Thug Siblings: An infographic illustrating the overview of A Portrait of Young Thug (Jeffery Lamar Williams)


Young Thug stands as a prominent and influential figure in today’s music, celebrated for his distinct style, unconventional lifestyle, and prolific work.

However, what might surprise many is that he is the ninth of eleven siblings.

Yes, you heard it correctly.

Young Thug shares his family with ten brothers and sisters, some of whom also venture into the rap scene.

This article delves into Young Thug’s sibling dynamics, shedding light on his siblings and their roles in the rap industry.

Here is a compilation of the renowned siblings of Young Thug who have also pursued careers aligned with Young Thug’s path.

1. Unfoonk (Quanvius Greer)

Image of Young Thug's Elder Brother, Unfoonk
Image of Young Thug’s Elder Brother, Unfoonk | photo courtesy | Siblingpidea


Unfoonk, Young Thug’s elder brother, is known in the rap scene as Quanvius Greer.

Aligned with Young Thug’s record label, YSL, he has collaborated on tracks like “Real” from the album “Slime Language 2.”

Unfoonk began writing raps at 15 in his father’s house, spurred on by his stepbrother to follow his passion.

Despite legal challenges, including an 11-year prison term for murder, he was released in 2016 and rekindled his rap career.

2. Dolly White (Alexis Grier)

Image of young Thug and Dolly White
Image of young Thug and Late Angela Gier | photo courtesy | Instagram


Dolly White, alternatively known as Alexis Grier, is Young Thug’s sister and a rapper/singer signed to YSL.

Her collaborations with Young Thug include tracks like “Family” from the album “Jeffery,” and she has also released her singles, including “Bag” from the album “Dolly World.”

Dolly’s musical journey began in her upbringing; she sang R&B with her mother, and she honed her skills by accompanying her brothers to the studio.

3. Dora (Dorothea Grier)

Dora, Young Thug’s youngest sister with the same father, is professionally known as Dorothea Grier.

She is engaged as a rapper and singer under the YSL label.

She has contributed to Young Thug’s tracks like “Daddy’s Birthday” from the album “Beautiful Thugger Girls” and launched her singles, including “Go Bestie” from the album “Dora and Dolly.”

Inspired by her brother’s achievements, Dora chose to enter the rap industry alongside him.

4. Quantavius

Quantavius, another older brother of Young Thug, is a rapper known as Q6. Unlike Young Thug, he operates independently with his label, Q6 Entertainment.

Q6 has launched various mixtapes, including “Red Alert” and “Pressure,” and engaged in collaborations with Young Thug, such as the song “Can’t Tell” from the album “Barter 6.”

Beginning his rap journey at the age of 12, Quantavius drew inspiration from artists like Tupac and Lil Wayne.

5. Dionte

Dionte is not a rapper but a successful businessman.

He serves as the CEO of YSL, managing the label’s business aspects, and is also Young Thug’s manager, overseeing his career and finances.

Dionte, a longtime supporter, maintains a close relationship with Young Thug. He is married to a woman named Tia and is the father of two children.

6. Jermaine

Jermaine, Young Thug’s brother, is not a rapper but a photographer known as Jdotshots.

Serving as the official photographer of YSL, he captures Young Thug’s life and music through his lens, extending his skills to collaborate with artists like Gunna and Lil Baby.

Jermaine’s passion for photography has been a lifelong pursuit since childhood. Alongside his engagement to Jasmine, he is the proud father of one child.



Young Thug transcends his role as a rapper; he is a brother, a son, and a leader.

Surrounded by a diverse and sizable family that shares a passion for music, they support his vision.

Young Thug’s siblings, each with their own unique talents and ambitions, contribute to a robust and steadfast familial connection, inspiring one another to pursue greatness.

Together, they exemplify Young Thug’s enduring influence and legacy.

Table of Facts about Young Thug Siblings

Sibling Musical Connection Additional Talents/Notes
Unfoonk (Quanvius Greer) The rapper signed to YSL I collaborated with Thug on “Real” and faced legal challenges
Dolly White Singer-songwriter signed to YSL Known for soulful vocals, appeared on “Family” with Thug
Dora Singer-songwriter Pursuing a music career is less public and supportive of family
Quantavius Creative pursuits outside music and a strong family bond
Dionte May choose a private path, but close to the family
Jermaine Supports siblings’ endeavors and values family connection

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