Beyond Whitney: Unmasking the Musical Powerhouse of Cissy Houston’s Siblings

Beyond Whitney: Unmasking the Musical Powerhouse of Cissy Houston’s Siblings

Did you know that Cissy Houston is not the only musical star in her family?

She comes from a long line of talented singers and musicians who have shaped the history of American music.

Cissy Houston is best known as a Grammy-winning gospel and soul singer and as the mother of the legendary Whitney Houston.

But she is also part of a remarkable family of artists who have influenced genres such as gospel, pop, R&B, and rock.

In this article, we will explore the lives and musical careers of Cissy Houston’s siblings and discover how they have contributed to the musical world.

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Discover the musical legacy of Cissy Houston’s siblings, who influenced genres from gospel to pop and supported Cissy and Whitney with their careers. (Source: Getty Images)

Anne Drinkard-Moss

Anne Drinkard-Moss is the eldest sister of Cissy Houston and the only one who is still alive today.

She was born in 1932 and started singing at a young age with her mother and siblings in the Drinkard Singers, a famous gospel group.

Anne was also a pianist and songwriter and composed several gospel songs, such as “I Love the Lord” and “He Gave Me Nothing to Lose.”

She was very close to Cissy and often performed with her in various groups, such as the Sweet Inspirations and the New Hope Baptist Church Choir.

Anne also supported Cissy’s solo career and sang backup vocals for her albums.

She is still active in music and has released several gospel albums over the years.

Lee Drinkard-Warrick

Lee Drinkard-Warrick was the second sister of Cissy Houston and was born in 1934.

She was also a singer and a pianist and she joined the Drinkard Singers with her family.

Lee was a versatile musician who could sing in different styles, such as gospel, jazz, and blues.

She also had a passion for classical music and studied at the Juilliard School of Music.

Lee married John Warrick, a singer and a guitarist, and they formed a duo called the Warrick Singers.

They recorded several albums and toured extensively, spreading the gospel message through their music.

Lee also helped Cissy with her career and sang backup vocals for her and Whitney.

Lee passed away in 2005 after a long battle with cancer.

Marie Drinkard-Epps

Marie Drinkard-Epps was the third sister of Cissy Houston and was born in 1937.

She was also a singer and a pianist and was part of the Drinkard Singers.

Marie had a distinctive voice and was known for her powerful and expressive singing.

She also had a flair for comedy and often entertained the audience with her jokes and stories.

Marie married Herman Epps, a drummer and a singer, and they formed a group called the Epps Gospel Singers.

They performed in various venues, such as churches, clubs, and festivals, and recorded several albums.

Marie also collaborated with Cissy and her other siblings and sang backup vocals for them.

Marie died in 2014 after suffering from a stroke.

Nicholas Drinkard

Nicholas Drinkard was the only brother of Cissy Houston and was born in 1939.

He was also a singer and a musician and was part of the Drinkard Singers.

Nicholas played the guitar and the bass and was a skilled arranger and producer.

He also wrote some gospel songs, such as “The World Didn’t Give It to Me” and “I’m Too Close.”

Nicholas worked with Cissy and her sisters and helped them with their musical projects.

He also had a solo career and released a gospel album in 1978.

Nicholas died in 1992 after suffering from a heart attack.

Family Legacy

Cissy Houston’s siblings left a lasting legacy in the musical world.

They influenced many genres, such as gospel, soul, R&B, and pop, and inspired artists such as Aretha Franklin, Dionne Warwick, and Mariah Carey.

The siblings also enriched the culture and the community with their music and touched many hearts and souls.

They were singers, musicians, and brothers and sisters who loved and supported each other.

They were a family of music and a family of love.


Cissy Houston’s siblings were remarkable artists who had amazing musical careers.

They were also a close-knit family that shared a bond of music and love.

Her siblings contributed to the musical world and the musical history of America.

They were Cissy Houston’s sisterhood of song and her musical legacy.

As Cissy once said, “Music is what we are. It’s in our blood.”

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