Bishop Briggs Sister; Kate McLaughlin, A Confidante, Mentor, and Steadfast Supporter.

Bishop Briggs Sister; Singer-songwriter Bishop Briggs captivates audiences globally with her powerful vocals and anthemic tunes.

However, beneath the catchy tracks and electrifying performances, lies a deeply personal story driven by love, loss, and the lasting memory of her sister, Kate McLaughlin.

Bishop Briggs Sister; More Than Just a Name:

Sarah Grace McLaughlin, who adopted the stage name “Bishop Briggs” after the Scottish town her parents come from, cherished her sister Kate as more than just a sibling.

Kate was a confidante, a mentor, and a steadfast supporter.

Being two years older, Kate took on the role of Sarah’s manager, steering her budding music career and rejoicing in each achievement.

Their connection went beyond the professional realm, emitting a warmth and comprehension that reverberated throughout their family.

Bishop Briggs Sister; A Shadow Cast:

In the summer of 2020, their lives were cast into darkness by a devastating event.

Kate received the diagnosis of ovarian cancer, a harsh blow for a vibrant young woman.

Sarah, at the brink of releasing her debut album, used her grief as inspiration for her music. She poured her raw emotions into songs like “Wild Horses” and “Baby I’m Gone.”

Tragic Farewell:

Tragically, Kate’s battle came to an end on January 19, 2021, leaving a huge void in Sarah’s life.

Sarah publicly mourned the loss by sharing a heartfelt message on social media, along with a touching home video of Kate.

The overwhelming love and support from fans worldwide highlighted the profound impact Kate had on those who knew her.

Art As Therapy:

Sarah found solace in songwriting as she struggled to express her grief solely through words.

In 2022, she released two powerful songs dedicated to Kate’s memory: “High Water” and “Art of Survival.”

“High Water” vividly portrays their final days together, while “Art of Survival” reveals Sarah’s determination to navigate grief and find meaning amid loss.

The raw vulnerability and emotional depth of these songs deeply resonated with listeners.

Strengthening Sarah’s connection with her audience on a deeply personal level.

Bishop Briggs Sister; Kate McLaughlin, A Confidante, Mentor, and Steadfast Supporter.
Bishop Briggs Sister; Kate McLaughlin, A Confidante, Mentor, and Steadfast Supporter.

Honoring a Legacy:

Outside of her music career, Sarah continues to honor Kate’s memory in her daily life.

In May 2022, she gave a powerful performance at Coachella while pregnant with her first child.

She later described the performance as a tribute to Kate and her unborn son.

The birth of her son in August 2022 marked a new chapter in Sarah’s life, where she carries forward the legacy of love and strength passed on by her sister.

Bishop Briggs Sister “Kate’s” Impact Lives On:

Kate’s influence reaches far beyond her immediate circle.

Sarah has played a significant role in destigmatizing conversations about loss and inspiring others facing similar struggles.

By openly sharing her story and channeling her grief into art.

Her vulnerability has cultivated a sense of community among her fans, establishing a space where they can connect and find comfort in shared experiences.

A Symbol of Strength and Resilience:

As Bishop Briggs continues to rise, the memory of Kate McLaughlin continues to drive her forward.

Kate’s story reminds us of the profound influence loved ones can have on our lives and the resilience we can summon even in our darkest times.

Bishop Briggs’ music, is filled with raw emotion and authentic human connection.

Stands as a testament to the lasting strength of sisterhood, love, and the transformative impact of art in times of grief.

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