Bound by Love: The Tale of Tanjiro’s Beloved Sister, Nezuko

Nezuko Kamado, Tanjiro’s younger sister, is believed turned demon by Muzan Kibutsuji.

She appears at the start of “Demon Slayer.” Raised alongside Tanjiro, she assumes elder sister responsibilities.

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She is one year younger than Tanjiro.

Her duties encompass caring for the family and assisting with household chores.

As Nezuko declares in Episode 23, “Humans are to be protected and saved…I will not hurt them.”

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Nezuko Profile

Attribute Before Hibernating After Hibernating
Birthplace Mount Kumatori Mount Kumatori
Birthdate December 28 December 28
Hobby Sewing Sewing
Favorite food Japanese Star Candy Konpeitō Japanese Star Candy Konpeitō
Manga Debut Chapter 1 Chapter 1
Japanese Voice Actor Akari Kito Akari Kito
English Voice Actor Abby Trott Abby Trott
Age 12 Years 14 Years
Height 150cm 153cm
Weight 39kg 45kg

Nezuko Appearance

Tanjiro describes Nezuko as a renowned beauty in their hometown.

She presents herself as a fair-skinned young woman, boasting long, dark brown hair cascading below her waist, transitioning into a vermilion hue at the elbows.

A pink ribbon adorns her bangs, elegantly tied to the side, exposing her forehead.

Her face is framed by slanted, downward-sloping eyebrows, accentuating her features. Notably, she possesses long eyelashes that veil her soft pink eyes, the color gradually lightening around the iris rims.

Her petite nose has a slightly upturned tip.

Nezuko typically dons a bamboo gag, secured with red cloth around her jaw, a gift from Giyu Tomioka.

Her ensemble includes a Sakura-colored kimono adorned with a geometric triangle pattern, fastened by a checker-patterned red and white obi cinched with an orange thread above the waist.

Completing her attire is a long dark brown haori extending past her knees, along with straw zori sandals and white socks bound by dark brown bands.

During her transformations, her pupils narrow to slits, accompanied by the emergence of prominent fangs and sharp claws.

In her berserk-like demon state, she develops vine-shaped tattoos across her body, prominent veins, and a single horn protruding from the right side of her forehead, exhibiting a more mature, young adult appearance.

Nezuko Personality

Nezuko embodies kindness and care, diligently tending to her family and assisting with household chores.

However, her transformation into a demon results in the loss of most familial memories, leading to a detachment from human emotions, albeit retaining the ability to smile and cry.

Despite this, she exhibits a calm demeanor and shows less hostility towards humans compared to other demons.

Her innate protective nature towards those she perceives as family remains intact, influenced in part by Sakonji Urokodaki’s hypnosis during her two-year hibernation.

In battle, she displays boldness and unwavering protection for her comrades, akin to Tanjiro.

Her resolute willpower prevents her from consuming human flesh or blood, despite her demon status.

Though speech becomes a challenge, she communicates through expressive body language and occasionally attempts verbal communication.

Nezuko Demon Abilities

Size Manipulation

Nezuko can alter her physical form and age to a certain extent, often reverting to a younger stage to facilitate travel inside a box carried by Tanjiro.

In combat, she demonstrates growth, transitioning into an adult form more suited for battle, albeit at the cost of increased energy expenditure.

Natural Strength

Possessing formidable brute strength typical of demons, Nezuko engages in combat without formal training, relying on sheer force.

Notably, she exhibits exceptional strength despite never consuming human blood.

Enhanced Regeneration

Nezuko boasts extraordinary regeneration capabilities common among demons, with the ability to solidify and manipulate her blood at will when fully realized.

Demon Transformation

Entering a berserk state, Nezuko sports a single horn on her right forehead, accompanied by vine-like tattoos and heightened veins across her body.

This form amplifies her abilities but necessitates the consumption of humans for energy.

Blood Demon Arts

Through Blood Demon Arts, Nezuko can ignite her blood to control flames for offensive or defensive purposes, often collaborating with Tanjiro’s Dance of the Flame God.

This ability, notably, was employed to safeguard Tanjiro in the battle against Rui.

Blood Burst

Utilized to transform Tanjiro’s Nichirin Blade into a crimson hue, enhancing its effectiveness.


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