Brad Mondo Siblings: Hidden Truths Finally Uncovered!

Brad Mondo Siblings: Hidden Truths Finally Uncovered!

While the name Brad Mondo might not ring a bell at first, a quick Google search will reveal a face and a head of hair you’ll instantly recognize.

This YouTube sensation has captivated audiences worldwide with his reaction videos, where he critiques haircuts, styles, and dye jobs.

Born on October 28, 1994, in Franklin, Massachusetts, Brad Mondo, now 28 years old, grew up alongside his two brothers, Eric and John.

Despite limited information about John, Eric emerges as a prominent figure, especially on social media platforms.

Thanks to Eric’s active online presence, we’ve been able to gather substantial insights into their family dynamics.

If you’re curious to delve deeper into the Mondo family saga, stay tuned.

Below, I present a detailed breakdown of Brad’s siblings, ranked from oldest to youngest.

Brad Mondo posing with his siblings, showcasing family unity and love.
Family first! Brad Mondo shares a heartwarming moment with his beloved siblings, highlighting the bond they share. [PHOTO: Abcfact]

John Mondo

John Mondo, a sibling of Brad, maintains a notably private profile, diverging from his brothers’ more public personas.

Consequently, detailed information about him remains elusive, as he opts to keep his personal life out of the spotlight.

Eric Mondo

Eric Mondo, born in 1992, shares a striking resemblance to his brother Brad.

Both openly gay, they’ve carved a niche on social media, particularly through their YouTube channel, “Brad & Eric,” boasting 164k followers.

The duo chronicles their journey in establishing a hair care company.


In his personal life, Eric is in a committed relationship with Hunter Goga, as revealed in a 2017 announcement on social media.

With over 100k followers on Instagram, Eric’s influence extends beyond YouTube.

Remarkably sporty, Eric’s altruistic side shone through in 2021 when he ran the Boston Marathon, raising funds alongside Tem Fox to support Parkinson’s disease research.

This cause likely hits close to home, as Eric’s father battled the disease for two decades before passing away in 2021.

Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo, the youngest of the Mondo siblings, likely inherited his passion for hairstyling from his father, who also worked in the same field.

Brad’s journey began at a young age when he started uploading videos on YouTube at just 12 years old.

Despite his early start, YouTube wasn’t his sole career path.

He also gained experience as a sales associate at Calvin Klein.

Additionally, Brad made waves as a hairstylist, crafting looks for celebrities like Charli D’Amelio, Vanessa Hudgens, Shay Mitchell, and Heather Marks.


In addition to his hairstyling ventures, Brad is the mastermind behind XMondo Hair, his own hair care brand.

In November 2020, he expanded his empire with XMondo Color, featuring a trio of bold colors: super blue, super pink, and super purple.

Describing his brand, Brad emphasized, “XMONDO is based on this concept of sexy haircare.

I wanted to infuse my own personality into my brand head-to-toe, and it’s taken me a year and a half to accomplish that.”

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