Brittany Daniel Siblings: A Look at the Famous Twins and Their Family

Brittany Daniel, a renowned actress celebrated for her roles in Sweet Valley High, The Game, White Chicks, and Skyline, shares a fascinating family narrative.

This article delves into the lives of Brittany Daniel’s siblings and their notable careers.

Infographic: Brief Facts about Brittany Daniel

Cynthia Daniel

Image of Brittany Daniel
Brittany Daniel with her twin sister Cynthia Daniel | photo courtesy | Getty Image Source: Instagram 


Cynthia Daniel, Brittany’s twin sister and spouse to Cole Hauser, gained prominence for portraying Elizabeth Wakefield in Sweet Valley High.

Following the show’s conclusion in 1997, Cynthia transitioned from acting to pursue her passion for photography.

She founded Five Arrows Photography, specializing in family, wedding, and lifestyle photography.

Cynthia also made cameo appearances on That ’80s Show and starred alongside her sister in the 2022 remake of Cheaper by the Dozen.

Brad Raylius Daniel

Brad Raylius Daniel, Brittany, and Cynthia’s elder brother, may not share their level of fame, but he’s an integral part of the entertainment industry.

Engaging in roles like production assistant, location manager, and producer, Brad has contributed to various projects.

His involvement in films like The Basketball Diaries and Joe Dirt showcases his diverse skills.

Brad currently lives in Florida, and works as a real estate agent, balancing his professional life with passions like surfing and supporting the Florida Gators.


The Daniel siblings form a talented and tightly-knit family, each achieving success in their respective domains.

Despite facing challenges, such as Brittany’s battle with cancer and their father’s passing, they have displayed unwavering courage and resilience.

Their journey stands as a poignant testament to the strength and joy that a supportive family can provide.

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