Brothers Robert And Michael Bever Deny Charges Of Stabbing Their Parents And Siblings in Oklahoma

Brothers Robert and Michael Bever Deny Charges of Stabbing Their Parents and Siblings in Oklahoma.!!!

Robert and Michael Bever face charges of first-degree murder for the fatal stabbings of their parents and three siblings.

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Michael Bever, 19, convicted of stabbing his parents and three siblings to death, was sentenced to five life terms in prison.
PHOTO Courtesy | (Broken Arrow Police Department)

Two brothers from Oklahoma, Robert Davis Bever, 18, and Michael John Bever, 16, are accused of stabbing their family.

They face charges for killing their parents, David and April, and their siblings, Daniel, Christopher, and Victoria.

Additionally, they are charged with attacking their 13-year-old sister, who lived through the attack.

During a court hearing on Monday, a judge said the brothers are not guilty.

They were in jail during the hearing.

Robert might get the death penalty.

Michael is too young for the death penalty, even though he is being tried as an adult.

Tragic Family Ordeal in Broken Arrow: A Night of Horror

On the night of July 22, police went to a house in Broken Arrow after getting a 911 call.

The person calling said they needed help because their brother was hurting their family.

First, the police saw blood outside the house and heard someone inside asking for help.

Then, they found a 13-year-old girl inside with stab wounds, but she was still alive.

She told the police that her brothers had attacked her and her family.

Next, the police found the bodies of the girl’s parents and other siblings in the house.

They also found a 2-year-old girl who was not hurt.

After that, the police noticed footprints in the backyard that led to the woods.

They followed them with a police dog and caught the brothers, thinking they might have killed their family.

Finally, the police said that Robert, one of the brothers, didn’t seem sorry and said this was just the start of more planned attacks.

The police also found many knives and a hatchet in the house that were used in the attacks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Brothers Robert And Michael Bever

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Q: Have Robert and Michael Bever denied the charges of stabbing their parents and siblings in Oklahoma?

A: Yes, both Robert Davis Bever and Michael John Bever have denied the charges brought against them in connection with the stabbing deaths of their parents and siblings in Oklahoma.

During a court hearing, they pleaded not guilty to the allegations.


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