Carly Simon Sister: A Tribute to Family and Resilience

Carly Simon Sister: A Tribute to Family and Resilience

Carly Simon, an iconic figure in music, has faced personal tragedies with the loss of her sisters.

This article honors their memory and explores the familial bond that ties the Simon family together.

What Happened to Carly Simon’s Sister?

Carly Simon’s sisters, Joanna and Lucy Simon, passed away within a day of each other in October 2022.

An image of Carly Simon sisters Lucy and Joanna
The Simon Sisters: A Bond of Creativity and Strength/PHOTO COURTESY : Facebook

Their deaths left a profound impact on Carly and the Simon family legacy.

What Type of Cancer Did Carly Simon’s Sisters Have?

Joanna Simon succumbed to thyroid cancer, while Lucy Simon battled metastatic breast cancer.

Their struggles with these illnesses were faced with courage and grace.

Is Lucy Simon Related to Carly Simon?

Yes, Lucy Simon was Carly Simon’s older sister.

Together, they formed part of the musical duo The Simon Sisters in the early 1960s.

Does Carly Simon Have a Daughter?

Carly Simon has a daughter named Sally Taylor, who is also a musician and continues the family’s artistic tradition.

Does Carly Simon Have a Disability?

Carly Simon has been open about her struggles with dyslexia, which has influenced her creative process and musical expression.


The Simon family’s story is one of remarkable talent and resilience.

Despite the sorrow of loss, Carly Simon’s legacy, alongside her sisters’, continues to inspire and resonate with many.

Their lives, filled with creativity and strength, leave an indelible mark on the world of music and beyond.


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