Chris Sununu Siblings: A Political Dynasty Forged in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu
New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu | photo courtesy | Twitter


For generations, the Sununu name has resonated throughout New Hampshire politics.

Family members have left an indelible mark on shaping government and capturing public interest.

At the center stands Governor Chris Sununu, one of eight siblings from a politically prominent household.

Each carved unique paths, with some venturing into public office in time.

Beyond Chris’ current leadership, the Sununus’ diverse careers still reflect a shared drive to serve communities.

As academics, business owners, and elected representatives, they aim to better society through varied callings.

Their story depicts ambition, sibling competition, and a family defined not by any single role but rather by an unstinting commitment to the constituency.

New Hampshire politics saw each Sununu imprint change with class, ability, and volunteer spirit.

Today, the Sununu legacy endures through multiple Chris Sununu siblings’ continued impacts.

Their tales illuminate how a passion for service unites even those who found fulfillment through different vocations.

About Chris Sununu's Siblings
An infographic illustrating About Chris Sununu’s Siblings

About Chris Sununu’s Siblings

Born and raised in Salem, New Hampshire, the eight Sununu siblings have become influential figures across various fields.

Their parents, former Governor John H. Sununu and stalwart supporter Nancy instilled in them a passion for public service that continues to shape the state.

Governor Chris Sununu leads as the current Chief Executive, devoted to enacting his vision for Granite Staters.

Congresswoman Ann McLane Kuster represents New Hampshire’s 2nd district and is a champion for women’s rights and healthcare access on Capitol Hill.

John E. Sununu holds a Ph.D. in engineering, applying his expertise to empower energy innovation as the CEO of a water technology firm.

D. Christine Sununu has built a successful legal career advocating for children and families through her law practice.

Each sibling has dedicated their talents to uplifting New Hampshire communities in their own way.

Though diverse paths exist, a shared legacy of leadership unites this accomplished dynasty.

The eight siblings, born and raised in the quaint town of Salem, New Hampshire, are:

John E. Sununu

The eldest, John, followed in his father’s footsteps, serving as a U.S. Representative and Senator from New Hampshire. He is known for his sharp wit and uncompromising conservative views.

John E. Sununu
John E. Sununu | photo courtesy | Facebook


Michael P. Sununu

A businessman and entrepreneur, Michael has stayed away from the limelight, focusing on his private ventures.

David V. Sununu

Following John’s path, David became a lawyer and then entered politics, serving as a state senator and executive councilor.

Elizabeth S. Sununu

Elizabeth is a doctor and has dedicated her career to public health, advocating for preventative care and community wellness initiatives.

Christopher T. Sununu

The current governor, Chris, is arguably the most recognizable face of the family.

He has charted his course, forging a reputation as a moderate Republican focused on economic development and fiscal responsibility.

Jonathan C. Sununu

Jonathan C. Sununu is an environmental lawyer and activist who champions environmental causes and sustainable practices.

Jennifer S. Sununu

The youngest, Jennifer, is a filmmaker and writer, using her creativity to tell stories and highlight social issues.

William H. Sununu

Sadly, William, the fifth child, passed away tragically in a skiing accident in 1996. His memory continues to inspire the family.

Each Chris Sununu sibling has applied their unique gifts to New Hampshire in their own way, whether through entrepreneurship, medicine, law, politics, or storytelling.

Their dynastic legacy of public service remains deeply woven into the state’s fabric.

Facts and Connections Between Chris Sununu’s Siblings

The intricate tapestry of New Hampshire politics intertwines deeply with the lives of the Sununu siblings.

Their family name bears both privilege and pressure, serving as a perpetual reminder of the legacy they carry.

Early Influences

Raised amidst political discussions and campaigns, Chris Sununu’s siblings naturally gravitated toward public service.

The formidable presence of John H. Sununu left an indelible mark, fostering a strong sense of civic duty and the profound importance of making a positive impact.

Divergent Paths

Despite a shared political background, the siblings have charted diverse courses.

While John and David embraced the allure of political office, Chris pursued a business career before entering politics, cultivating a more independent brand.

Others, such as Elizabeth and Jonathan, found fulfillment in non-political pursuits, contributing to society through healthcare and environmental advocacy.

Sibling Rivalry

Although tightly knit, the Sununus are not exempt from the competitive spirit.

Particularly, John and Chris have experienced differences, publicly disagreeing on policy issues and contending for political prominence.

This sibling rivalry, shrouded in diplomacy, adds a layer of intrigue to their public personas.

Political Dynasty

The question of whether the Sununu siblings will establish their family as a lasting political dynasty remains unanswered.

Chris’s re-election as governor will serve as a pivotal indicator.

Additionally, the engagement of the younger generation in public service will determine if the Sununu name continues to resonate with voters.


Beyond the Politics

While the public eye often fixates on the political activities of the Sununu siblings, their lives unfold as a nuanced tapestry woven with threads of personal dreams, creative pursuits, and enduring family bonds.

This section unravels the layers, revealing the beating hearts that exist beyond the headlines.

Forging Distinct Paths

The Sununu name opens doors, but these siblings transcend mere entry, utilizing opportunities as platforms for diverse and inspiring pursuits, showcasing individual competence that exceeds expectations.

  • John Sununu: Beyond his fiery political persona, John is a dedicated family man, finding joy in his role as a grandfather and seeking solace in private moments away from public scrutiny. His passion for history fuels his writing, portraying him not just as a political strategist but also as a captivating storyteller.
  • Chris Sununu: The governor’s composed image conceals an adventurous spirit. An avid biker, Chris tackles challenging trails, relishing the thrill of the open road. This hidden adventurous streak reveals a multifaceted personality beyond the political sphere.

Shared Values: The Resilience of Family Bonds

Despite diverse paths, the Chris Sununu siblings are united by an unbreakable family bond.

Prioritizing loyalty, they support each other’s endeavors and offer unwavering solidarity in times of crisis.

This shared foundation provides strength, emphasizing that they are not alone in their journeys.

Sibling rivalries may simmer beneath the surface, yet they are often overshadowed by deep respect and camaraderie.

Public disagreements are carefully navigated, prioritizing family unity over personal ambition.

The Human Face Behind the Headlines

Beyond public personas, the Chris Sununu siblings navigate daily life, balancing work and family, overcoming challenges, and savoring moments of joy and laughter.

John, the seasoned politician, finds delight in grilling with his family, sharing jokes, and exchanging stories around the dinner table.


The Sununu siblings transcend their roles as political figures, forming a captivating tapestry of individuals woven together by ambition, talent, and an unwavering family bond.

Looking beyond headlines and delving into their diverse pursuits, shared values, and human connections reveals complex individuals dedicated to leaving a lasting impact, extending beyond politics to touch the hearts of loved ones and communities.

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