Chrisean Rock Sister: Navigating Fame and Family Dynamics

Chrisean Rock, a name that resonates with energy and controversy, has a family story that’s as captivating as her rise to fame.

Among her 11 siblings, one stands out in the limelight, stirring up as much drama as Chrisean herself.

An infographic on Chrisean Rock Sister
An infographic on Chrisean Rock Sister

Unique Dorsey

Unique Dorsey, a skilled beautician, holds the role of the eldest half-sibling in Chrisean’s family.

Born to Charla and stepdaughter to Eugene, Unique’s educational journey includes her time at Arundel High School, located in Gambrills, Maryland.

Her professional path has led her to The Hair Lounge Salon, where she has been contributing her expertise since October 2021.

As a dedicated single mother of two, Unique balances her personal life and career, currently in a relationship.

She values her privacy, as reflected in her private Instagram account, and further details about her remain limited.

Sierra Dorsey

Sierra holds the distinction of being Chrisean’s half-sister, sharing a familial connection through their mother, Charla.

Her entry into the world was marked by Charla’s previous partnership.

Opting for a life of privacy, Sierra steers clear of the public eye, and as such, her personal endeavors and professional pursuits remain her own, away from media scrutiny.

Terine Malone

Terine, the eldest offspring of Charla and Eugene, entered the world on February 10, 1987.

As of 2023, she has reached the age of 36.

Despite her position in the family, Terine chooses a path away from public attention, leading a life that she keeps out of the public domain, with no available reports on her personal or professional life.

Tessa Manning Malone

Tessa Manning Malone entered the world on the 10th of January, 1990, and has since journeyed through 34 years of life.

She proudly holds the mantle of elder sister to Chrisean, both daughters of the same lineage.

Inheriting the culinary passions of their father, Tessa has carved out her own realm in the kitchen, with a focus on the heartwarming flavors of soul food.

Her Instagram is a testament to her craft, a visual feast of dishes that speak to the soul.

Since the spring month of April in 2006, Tessa has embraced the role of a life partner and has been blessed with a bustling household of six children.

Latifa Malone

Latifa Malone, born on 29 May 1993, is a 30-year-old musician known professionally as Tesehki.

In the entertainment industry, she has made strides with her music, boasting a repertoire that includes tracks such as “Everyday Black Girl,” “Thinking Bout You,” “I Need Love,” “Toxic,” and “Right Back.”

In addition to her musical pursuits, Latifa has ventured into acting.

She has showcased her talent in productions like “Check Please” and has appeared with her sister Chrisean in the reality series “Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy in Love” in 2022.

Her bond with her sister Chrisean, is notably strong, reflecting their shared passion for the arts.

Chastity Malone

Chasity Luella Malone, the youngest of Chrisean Rock’s siblings, entered the world on October 27, 1994.

Born to Charla and Eugene Malone, she now embraces life as a 29-year-old freelancer and a devoted mother to her two children.

Despite facing challenges, including a period of incarceration at the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women, Chasity’s resilience shines through.

With anticipation, she looks forward to a new chapter in 2023.



chrisean rock instagram
She multiple Instagram accounts, with one having over 5 million followers and another with over 200k followers.
chrisean rock net worth
As of 2023, Chrisean Rock’s reported net worth is around $2 million.
chrisean rock before
Before gaining fame, Chrisean Rock was a track athlete and model.
She faced many challenges during her early life, including financial struggles and family issues.
chrisean rock baby
She gave birth to a baby boy during a live session on Instagram.
who is chrisean rock parents
Chrisean Rock’s parents are Charla Malone and Eugene Malone.
She comes from a large family with 12 children.

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