Chuck Norris Brother: The Amazing Lives and Careers of Aaron and Wieland Norris


Chuck Norris and his Brother, Aaron during the shoot of Top Gun in 1995
Chuck Norris and his Brother, Aaron, during the shoot of Top Gun in 1995 | photo courtesy | eBay 


Chuck Norris is a well-known character in popular culture, martial arts, and action movies. He has been in several movies and TV shows, such as Walker, Texas Ranger, Missing in Action, and The Delta Force.

Apart from his acting career, Norris is praised for his remarkable feats of strength, skill, and wit.

He has become a popular subject for memes and jokes.

But exploring less-traveled ground reveals the fascinating lives and professions of Chuck Norris’s brothers, Aaron and Wieland, who have ties to the film business and the armed forces.

Who are the Chuck Norris Brothers

Who is Aaron Norris?

Chuck Norris’s younger sibling, Aaron Norris, was born in Gardena, California, on November 23, 1951.

Beginning his career as an uncredited stunt double for his brother, he worked on Breaker! Breaker!, Speedtrap, and Black Belt Jones, among other films.

He is an outstanding American stunt performer, director, and sometimes actor.

Aaron moved up to become an assistant producer, stunt coordinator, and martial arts choreographer.

He worked on Chuck’s films, including:

  1. Lone Wolf McQuade
  2. Good Guys Wear Black
  3. Silent Rage

In 1988, he made his directing debut in the television series Braddock: Missing in Action III, in which Chuck played Colonel James Braddock.

Aaron kept directing his brother in Walker, Texas Ranger episodes as well as movies like:

  1. Sidekicks
  2. Delta Force 2
  3. Forest Warrior

Aaron has been happily married to Rebecca Norris since 1981.

He has three children and is the uncle of Chuck’s boys, actors Mike and Eric Norris.

Aaron continues to work in the film business, producing films such as:

  1. Not Easily Broken

Who is Wieland Clyde Norris?

Wieland Clyde Norris, born on July 12, 1943, in Contra Costa County, California, was Chuck Norris’s younger brother.

His parents’ divorce led him to Prairie Village, Kansas, and later to Torrance, California.

At North Torrance High School, he played football, wrestled, and learned martial arts from Chuck.

In 1969, Wieland joined the U.S. Army, earning the Silver Star Medal for gallantry.

Tragically, on June 3, 1970, at 26 years old, he lost his life in a Vietnam War ambush and was buried at Green Hills Memorial Park.

Wieland inspired Chuck’s movies, especially the Missing in Action series, dedicated to a Vietnam veteran rescuing POWs.

Chuck, expressing Wieland as his hero, named his son, Dakota Alan Norris, after him.


Clyde Norris lost his life on June 3, 1970, at 26 years old and Chuck Name his son Dakota after him.


Siblinghood and Family Dynamics

Despite having different personalities and interests, Wieland Norris, Chuck, and Aaron were close.

Chuck became a well-known actor and martial artist across the world, while Aaron went into the film industry as a producer, director, and stuntman.

During his military duty, Wieland showed bravery by giving his life in the Vietnam War. Even though they had a difficult childhood, they loved family, movies, and martial arts.

The Norris brothers experienced hardship as children and grew up in a damaged family.

Their mother, Wilma, who put in a lot of effort as a waitress and instilled strong values in them, helps them overcome challenges.

At the age of 77, Wilma, a devout Christian, passed away in 1998.

Along with their siblings, the Norris family also included stepfamily, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren.

Their brilliance, ability, generosity, friendliness, loyalty, humor, and loyalty won them praise in the martial arts and cinema worlds.

The Chuck Norris brothers are a family of heroes who have delighted and inspired millions of people all around the globe.


Aaron and Wieland Norris are the two individuals who make up Chuck Norris’s brother.

Both of these amazing men have left their mark in various industries and contexts. Along with his family and his heart, they are all a part of Chuck Norris’s legacy.

Given their contributions to American and global history and culture, they are both important figures to understand and honor.

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