Clint Walker’s Twin Sister: The Untold Narrative

Clint Walker, born Norman Eugene Walker, rose to fame as the rugged Cheyenne Bodie in the hit western series “Cheyenne.”

His commanding presence and chiseled features made him a household name and a symbol of American masculinity.

A picture of Clint Walker in Clint Walker's twin sister.
Clint Walker | Photo courtesy: IMDb

Beyond his on-screen persona, Clint was a man of depth and resilience, surviving a near-fatal skiing accident and a heart attack before succumbing to congestive heart failure on May 21, 2018 at age 90.

Neoma Lucille “Lucy” Walker Westbrook, the lesser-known twin of Hollywood’s towering cowboy Clint Walker, led a life far removed from the glitz of Tinseltown. Born on May 30, 1927, Lucy shared her early years with Clint in Hartford, Illinois.

While Clint’s path led him to the silver screen, Lucy embraced a quieter existence, dedicating her life to art, family, and education.

Lucy’s journey took an unexpected turn when she gave birth to her own twins, adding a delightful twist to the Walker family legacy.

Her life was a canvas of love, creativity, and community service, painting a stark contrast to her brother’s high-profile celebrity life.

What Happened to Clint Walker’s Twin Sister?

Clint Walker and his sister were born on May 30th 1927, with each twin going on to live vastly different lifestyles.

A picture of Neoma Lucille.
Neoma Lucille | Photo courtesy: Pinterest

While Clint Walker was appearing on television screens as one of the toughest cowboys of the Wild West, Lucy Walker Westbrook was busy making art, raising her three children, and teaching the local children.

She even went on to have her own set of twins, Paul Westbrook Jr. and Paulette Westbrook, which was a complete surprise when they were born.

Lucy Walker Westbrook married her high school sweetheart Paul Westbrook on August 27th 1949.

It wouldn’t be long after their wedding that she would catch her doctor by surprise when she gave birth to a set of twins, which not even the doctor saw coming.

Seven years later, the Westbrooks welcomed their youngest child, Kenton Westbrook.

After Paul Westbrook returned from his time in the United States Marine Corps during World War II, he and Lucy Walker Westbrook decided to open a health food store called Paul’s Natural Foods in 1959.

Their health food store was only the second food store to focus on health food in the entire state of Illinois.

During the early days of the store, the couple would offer free samples of healthy snacks like sunflower seeds to help people understand that healthy food doesn’t have to be seen as “bird food.”

The Westbrooks ran Paul’s Natural Foods for nearly 50 years before they decided to retire and close the store.

Paul Westbrook would survive for 17 years before passing away in 2017 and finally reuniting with his beloved wife.

Lucy’s passing in 2000 left a void in the hearts of those who knew her, but her memory lives on through her children and the many lives she enriched.C


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