Cooper Kupp Siblings: A Peek Into His Family Life

Cooper Kupp Siblings: A Family of Athletes and Believers.!!!

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Discover more about Cooper Kupp’s siblings and family connections.
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Cooper Kupp is a famous American football player who plays as a wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League (NFL).

He is known for his impressive skills, achievements, and records on the field.

But did you know that Cooper is not the only athlete in his family?

In fact, he has three siblings who are also involved in sports and have their own remarkable stories.

In this blog post, we will introduce you to Cooper Kupp Siblings and tell you more about their names, backgrounds, careers, and personal lives.

Siblings’ Names and Backgrounds

Cooper Kupp, born on June 15, 1993, in Yakima, Washington, to Craig and Karin Kupp, is the eldest among his siblings: Ketner, Kobe, and Katrina.

Each shares a fervor for sports and a steadfast faith in God.

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  • Ketner Kupp:

Born November 15, 1996, pursues a professional football career as a linebacker for the Los Angeles Rams, following his brother Cooper’s path.

Joining the Rams in 2019 as an undrafted free agent, Ketner showcased his skills while playing college football at Eastern Washington University.

  • Kobe Kupp:

Born December 18, 1998, shines as a college football player, serving as a wide receiver for the University of California, Davis.

Transferring to UC Davis in 2020 after two seasons at Eastern Washington University, Kobe also boasts academic accolades, earning spots on the Big Sky Conference All-Academic Team and the Dean’s List.

  • Katrina Kupp:

Born May 10, 2001, excels as a college soccer midfielder at the University of Washington.

Joining the Huskies in 2019 after her tenure at Davis High School, Katrina garners recognition for her athletic and academic achievements.

Early Life and Family Dynamics

The Kupp siblings grew up in a family that loved and supported them, and helped them to follow their dreams.

Their parents, Craig and Karin, who played sports before, taught them to work hard and do their best.

Their grandfather Jake, who played in the NFL, was an example of how to succeed in sports.

The siblings loved sports since they were little, and learned to compete and be careful.

They respected and liked each other, and played together in their yard or watched games on TV.

They learned to work together and have fun, and did the same things in school and other activities.

Notably, they grew up in a Christian family, and learned to love God and be kind to others.

They went to the Harvest Christian Center, where they helped in the church and the community.

They also traveled to different places, and helped the poor, the old, and the kids.

Their strong faith helped them to live with meaning and courage.

Personal Lives

Beyond their professional achievements, the Cooper Kupp Siblings thrive in their personal lives, finding joy and companionship with their partners and families.

  • Cooper Kupp:

Wedded to Anna Croskrey since 2015, shares a loving bond nurtured since their high school days.

Blessed with two sons, Cooper Jameson and Cypress Stellar, the couple cherishes family moments and imparts values of kindness and generosity to their children.

  • Ketner Kupp:

Engaged to Kelsey Turnbow since 2020, celebrates a four-year journey with his partner, a standout forward and team captain at Santa Clara University.

Embracing shared interests in travel and outdoor activities, they stand as a supportive duo, encouraging each other’s endeavors.

  • Kobe Kupp:

In a relationship with Sydney Taggart since 2019, finds joy in exploring life’s adventures alongside his nursing student partner.

Together with their furry companion, Koda, they savor new experiences and cultivate a bond grounded in shared interests and mutual affection.

  • Katrina Kupp:

Focusing on her academic pursuits and soccer career, radiates warmth and camaraderie among her friends and family.

Embracing her passion for music and dance, she finds solace in close relationships, especially with her sister-in-law Anna, who embodies a sisterly figure in her life.

Philanthropic Ventures and Social Causes

The Cooper Kupp Siblings extend their influence beyond sports, championing philanthropic initiatives and social causes aimed at fostering positive change:

  • Cooper Kupp Foundation:

Founded in 2019 by Cooper and Anna, the foundation empowers youth through sports, education, and faith-based mentorship programs.

Offering scholarships, grants, and wellness initiatives, it fosters holistic development among students and athletes facing adversities.

  • Athletes in Action:

Cooper, Ketner, and Kobe contribute to this Christian ministry leveraging sports as a conduit for community service and spreading the message of faith.

Engaging in events like the Super Bowl Breakfast and outreach programs globally, they embody the values of service and compassion.

  • Alzheimer’s Association:

Ketner and Kelsey advocate for Alzheimer’s disease awareness and research, actively participating in fundraising events like the Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

Drawing from personal experiences, they seek to honor their grandparents and raise awareness about the disease’s impact.

  • American Cancer Society:

Katrina and her soccer team stand in solidarity with the fight against cancer, participating in events like Relay for Life.

Through symbolic gestures and fundraising efforts, they honor survivors and support ongoing research initiatives, embodying the spirit of resilience and solidarity.

Awards and Achievements

The Cooper Kupp Siblings have garnered numerous accolades and honors for their exceptional contributions to their respective sports:

  • Cooper Kupp:

He earned Pro Bowl selections in 2019 and 2020, and secured a spot on the All-Pro Second Team in 2019, along with being named to the PFWA All-Rookie Team in 2017.

Notable NFL records include the highest rookie receiving yards in a single game (189) and the most receptions in a season by a Rams player (94).

His achievements culminated in winning Super Bowl LVI with the Rams in 2020, where he also clinched the MVP title.

  • Ketner Kupp:

His accolades include being named to the All-Big Sky Conference First Team in 2018 and the All-Big Sky Conference Second Team in 2017.

Additionally, he received recognition on the Big Sky Conference All-Academic Team thrice, from 2016 to 2018.

He holds Eastern Washington University records for tackles (152) and tackles for loss (19.5).

  • Kobe Kupp:

He earned spots on the Big Sky Conference All-Academic Team twice, in 2018 and 2019, and secured a place on the Dean’s List from 2018 to 2020.

During his college career, he recorded 15 receptions for 153 yards and one touchdown, showcasing versatility as a punt returner and holder.

  • Katrina Kupp:

She gained acknowledgment with her inclusion in the Pac-12 All-Freshman Team in 2019 and the Pac-12 All-Academic Team in 2020.

Moreover, she received the WIAA State Academic Award in 2019 and the National Honor Society Award in 2018.

On the field, she contributed four goals and four assists during her college tenure and participated in the U.S. Soccer Development Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions About  Cooper Kupp Siblings

Q: How old are Cooper Kupp Siblings?

A: The ages of the Cooper Kupp Siblings range from 19 to 30 years.

Cooper, born in 1993, is the eldest, followed by Ketner (born in 1996), Kobe (born in 1998), and Katrina (born in 2001).


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