Darcy Moore Siblings: The Family Goals Behind the AFL Sensation

Darcy Moore, born January 1996, is an Australian rules footballer who currently plays for the Collingwood Football Club.

A picture of Darcy Moore in Darcy Moore siblings.
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He got his high school education at Eltham High School. As a junior, he played junior football at the Ivanhoe Junior Football Club and Kew Comets, in the Yarra Junior Football League.

In the 2014 AFL draft under the father–son rule, he was drafted by Collingwood with pick number 9.

Before making a senior appearance, Moore signed a two-year contract extension on top of the standard two-year contract presented to draftees in May 2015, which kept him till the end of 2018.

At the Melbourne Cricket Ground against Hawthorn in round 14 of the 2015 season, Moore made his AFL debut in round 14 of the season.

In Round 19 of the 2016 season against West Coast, Moore kicked three goals in the first half and won a Rising Star nomination after playing only 34 percent of the game.

Moore was selected to play for Victoria in the State of Origin for Bushfire Relief Match in February 2020

Similar to club level, he wore the number 30 guernsey, like his father. In February 2023, Moore was appointed Collingwood captain.

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As the son of the legendary Peter Moore, Darcy has continued the legacy with his remarkable performances. But what about the siblings who share this prestigious family tree?

Darcy Moore Siblings

Darcy Moore has three sisters: Grace Moore and another two whom little is known since they prefer living a private life.


Let’s delve into the lives of the Moore siblings and uncover the bonds that tie this family together.

Grace Moore

Grace Moore, the youngest of Darcy’s three sisters, is a creative powerhouse.

Formerly the founder and creative director of a visual production house, Grace has carved her path in the arts.

Her work as a film director and involvement in music video projects speaks volumes of her artistic flair.

The Moore siblings may have chosen different arenas to shine, but their excellence is a common trait.

The Other Two Sisters

While Darcy basks in the limelight, his sisters prefer a life away from the public eye.

Little is known about the other two Moore sisters, as they lead private lives.

However, their support for Darcy’s career is unwavering, and the tight-knit bond they share is evident through their social media interactions.


While Darcy Moore continues to capture the hearts of AFL fans, his siblings play a significant role behind the scenes.

Their collective journey is a testament to the family’s dedication and support system.

The Moore siblings may not all be in the public eye, but their influence on Darcy’s career is indelible.

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