David Dobrik Sisters; Ester and Sara: The TikTok Stars You Need to Follow

David Dobrik Sisters; Ester and Sara: The TikTok Stars You Need to Follow

David Dobrik is one of the biggest YouTubers in the world, with over 18 million subscribers and billions of views.

He is famous for his hilarious and chaotic vlogs, featuring his friends, known as the Vlog Squad, and his celebrity guests.

But he is not the only star in his family.

He has two younger sisters, Ester and Sara, who are also making waves on TikTok, with millions of followers and likes.

In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about David Dobrik’s sisters; Ester and Sara, and why you should follow them.

Ester and Sara Dobrik, sisters of YouTube sensation David Dobrik, smiling together in a close-up portrait.
Sibling Bond: Ester and Sara Dobrik share a close connection beyond fame as sisters of YouTube star David Dobrik. [PHOTO: Instagram]

Who are Ester and Sara Dobrik?

Ester and Sara Dobrik, the younger sisters of YouTube sensation David Dobrik, were born in the United States after their family moved from Slovakia.

Ester, born on March 4, 2004, is known for her intelligence and ambition.

She also excelled as a high school senior and fashion designer with her own clothing line, “Whoopsie Daisys Shop.”

With a substantial TikTok following and a YouTube channel, she shares relatable content and showcases her creativity.


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Sara, born on August 5, 2006, is the compassionate middle child.

A sophomore in high school, she channels her artistic talents into photography, capturing moments of beauty and self-expression.

While less active on TikTok, she maintains a significant presence on Instagram, sharing glimpses of her life with over 300,000 followers.


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Relationship with their brother?

Ester and Sara Dobrik share a deep bond with their brother David, expressing their love and support openly on social media.

They stand by him through thick and thin, enjoying fun moments together and defending him from criticism.

In return, David showers them with affection and lavish gifts, demonstrating his pride in his sisters.

Their strong familial connection is evident in their close-knit and joyful relationship, exemplifying the essence of a loving and happy family.

Plans for the future?

Ester and Sara Dobrik, both young and talented, possess diverse interests and aspirations for their future endeavors.

Ester is passionate about fashion, beauty, and performing arts, contemplating careers in modeling, styling, singing, or dancing.

With her intelligence and ambition, she aims to pursue higher education and obtain a degree.

Sara, on the other hand, finds her passion in art, photography, and sports.

Considering careers as an artist, photographer, athlete, or trainer, she seeks to utilize her compassion to aid both people and animals in need.

With boundless opportunities ahead, Ester and Sara are empowered to pursue their dreams with the support of their brother and their own unique talents.

As promising individuals, they eagerly anticipate the bright future awaiting them.


Discover everything about David Dobrik’s sisters, Ester and Sara, in this article.

They’re not just his siblings but also his closest friends and biggest supporters.

With millions of followers on TikTok, they’re known for their humor, creativity, and style.

Their inspiring personalities and ambition make them worth following.

Hence, offering a glimpse into their awesome lives. Don’t miss out on these talented and amazing sisters!

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