Dawood Ibrahim siblings:Beyond the headlines

 Behind the shadows? Unveil the story of Dawood Ibrahim siblings. Explore their loyalty and  alleged involvement in D-Company.
Behind the shadows? Unveil the story of Dawood Ibrahim siblings. Explore their loyalty and alleged involvement in D-Company.

Dawood Ibrahim, the elusive mob boss, drug lord, and terrorist, casts a long shadow over Mumbai’s underworld.

But behind the scenes, his family dynamics are equally intriguing.

Let’s delve into the lives of Dawood’s siblings, who navigate a treacherous path in the shadow of their notorious brother.

Shabir Ibrahim Kaskar

Shabir, Dawood’s elder brother, was part of the local organized crime syndicate.

Tragically, he fell victim to the rival Pathan gang in 1983.

His demise left a void in the family, and his memory lingers as a cautionary tale.

Noora Ibrahim

Noora Ibrahim, another brother, succumbed to kidney failure.

His quiet existence contrasts sharply with Dawood’s infamy.

Despite maintaining anonymity, Noora led a life intricately connected to the criminal underworld, albeit in more subdued tones.

Anis Ibrahim

Anis, Dawood’s brother, operates from the shadows.

Based in Karachi, he handles counterfeit currency and narcotics trafficking.

His wife, Tehsin, and their children lead lives shrouded in secrecy.

Shamim resides in Dubai, while Yasmin and Aana are married in Pakistan.

Sabir Ahmad and Mohammed Humayoon

These lesser-known brothers remain elusive.

Their roles in the family saga are veiled in mystery, their paths intersecting with danger and intrigue.

Sabir and Humayoon navigate the murky waters of their infamous lineage.

Mustaqueem Ali

Mustaqueem Ali, yet another sibling, treads carefully.

His existence is a delicate balance between loyalty and survival.

Little is known about his endeavors, but his connection to the D-Company is undeniable.


Did Dawood Ibrahim’s siblings choose this life?

It’s difficult to say definitively. Shabir’s death suggests the dangers involved.

Some siblings, like Iqbal, might have chosen a different path.

How were Dawood Ibrahim’s siblings involved in his activities?

The extent of involvement varies.

Shabir was a close partner, while Haseena allegedly played a financial role.

Iqbal’s involvement remains unclear.



Dawood Ibrahim siblings cast a long shadow, offering an intriguing glimpse into the secretive world he commands.

From the unwavering loyalty of Shabir to the enigmatic influence of Haseena Parkar, they paint a complex picture of family ties intertwined with criminal ambition.

While the full extent of their involvement may never be fully known, Dawood Ibrahim’s siblings serve as a reminder of the human element that persists even in the darkest corners of the criminal world.

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