Declan Donnelly Siblings; A Glimpse into the Private Life of the Television Star

Declan Donnelly; is one of Britain’s most recognizable television personalities.

He is known for his comedic charm and witty banter, often alongside his longtime partner-in-crime, Anthony McPartlin.

However, beyond the spotlight, Declan maintains a close, albeit private, relationship with his family, including his six siblings.

Declan Donnelly Siblings; A Large and Supportive Family

Declan is the youngest of seven siblings, born in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

He has three sisters, Camelia, Patricia, and Moira, alongside three brothers, Martin, Eamonn, and the late Father Dermott Donnelly.

While Declan often keeps his personal life under wraps, his siblings have occasionally appeared in snippets throughout his career.

His sister Moira was spotted celebrating her 50th birthday with the star in 2019.

Despite their limited public presence, Declan has spoken fondly of his family, describing them as a source of immense support throughout his life and career.

He has also acknowledged the influence of his upbringing, citing his family as the foundation for his work ethic and sense of humor.

A Special Bond with Father Dermott

Among his siblings, Declan shared a particularly close bond with his older brother, Father Dermott Donnelly.

This connection stemmed from not only their familial ties but also their shared faith.

A practicing Catholic, Declan found guidance and inspiration in his brother’s dedication to his religious calling.

Father Dermott, a beloved priest in County Durham, England, tragically passed away in 2022 due to a short illness.

Declan expressed his deep sorrow publicly, highlighting the void left by the loss of his brother and confidant.

Notably, Father Dermott officiated Declan’s wedding to Ali Astall in 2015, further emphasizing the strong bond between the brothers.

Declan Donnelly Siblings; Maintaining Privacy While Cherishing Family

While Declan’s siblings largely avoid the spotlight, their presence undoubtedly plays a significant role in his life.

Their support system, particularly during challenging moments like his brother’s passing, underscores the importance of family in his world.

Although details about his siblings’ individual lives remain scarce, it’s evident that Declan cherishes his family bond, choosing to maintain their privacy while acknowledging their unwavering support.

This balance between public and private life reflects the values he prioritizes, both on and off screen.


Q: How many siblings does Declan Donnelly have?

A: Declan Donnelly has six siblings, three sisters, and three brothers.

Q: Who is Declan Donnelly’s closest sibling?

A: While details about his relationships with all his siblings are private, Declan shared a particularly close bond with his late brother, Father Dermott Donnelly.

Q: Do Declan Donnelly’s siblings appear in the media?

A: Declan’s siblings largely avoid public appearances and maintain a private life. Occasional glimpses, such as his sister’s birthday celebration, are rare exceptions.

Q: How does Declan Donnelly feel about his family?

A: Declan has spoken publicly about his appreciation for his family’s support and influence on his life. He considers them a source of immense strength and inspiration.

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