Revealed: What Happened to Declan Donnelly’s ‘Priest Brother’ Dermott Donnelly?

Dermott’s death had an impact on the other five Declan Donelly siblings.

Father Dermott was Declan’s eldest brother.

Declan is the smallest of seven siblings.

They keep a low profile, especially since his older brother, Dermott, died.

Dermott, a 55-year-old Catholic priest from County Durham, collapsed on Thursday evening and died.

Dec has five other siblings, including Patricia (59), Eamonn (58), Martin (57), Moira (53), and Camelia (49).

The family is rarely seen or photographed together, except for Moira’s 50th birthday celebration.

Their dad was Dan Donnelly, and their mom was Maggie McKay.

An image of Declan Donnelly siblings
Declan Donnelly, siblings. Photo source: Instagram.

Let me take you through Declan Donnelly’s siblings.

Declan Donelly, siblings

1. Dermott Donnelly

Father Dermott Donnelly, aged 55, dedicated three decades to serving in the Catholic Church.

Unfortunately, he passed away in the hospital earlier this month following a brief illness.

During the eulogy, his brother expressed sorrow over Father Donnelly’s untimely departure, stating that he still had much work ahead.

The family relies on faith, trusting that God has called him for a purpose where his talents are required elsewhere.

The funeral mass, held at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Newcastle, was broadcast on YouTube to reach a wider audience.

Because of the significant number of mourners, the service was also played at St. Michael’s Church in the city.

Notably, Father Donnelly officiated at the wedding of his renowned brother to Ali Astall in 2015 at St. Michael’s Church.

The ceremony drew the attention of various celebrities who attended to witness the joyous occasion.

2. Martin Donnelly (Civil Servants) (born 1958):

Former Permanent Secretary of the Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills in the United Kingdom.

3. Martin Donnelly

The name Martin Donnelly encompasses individuals from various fields.

Martin Donnelly, born in 1958, served as the former Permanent Secretary of the Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills in the UK.

Another Martin Donnelly, a sportsman from 1917 to 1999, achieved recognition for representing New Zealand in cricket and England in rugby union.

Additionally, a Northern Irish footballer born in 1951 participated actively in the North American Soccer League (NASL) during the 1970s and 1980s.

Another footballer with the same name, born in 1988, currently plays for Cliftonville.

Furthermore, a Northern Irish racing driver born in 1964 also goes by the name Martin Donnelly.

4. Moira Donnelly

Sister Moira Donnelly, born on June 22, 1931, in Ardrossan, dedicated her life to service and education.

After becoming a nun in 1960, she earned academic honors and lectured at Craiglockhart Training College until 1981.

Moira’s impactful career spanned assignments across Africa, Europe, and the U.S., ultimately focusing on the Diocese of Aberdeen.

A prolific writer, she contributed articles, authored a children’s book, and was featured in a Grampian show.

Notably, during her work with drug addicts in San Francisco, Moira experienced an earthquake, seeking refuge in a church nave.

Her Golden Jubilee in 2010 was celebrated with family.

Unfortunately, she passed away on March 2, 2021, and her Requiem Mass, shared with Sister Betty Walker, was held on March 15 at Saint David’s Church in Dalkeith.

They were both laid to rest at Dalkeith Cemetery. May they rest in peace.

5. Camelia Donnelly: Declan Donelly siblings

Camelia Donnelly is the sister of the well-known British television presenter, producer, comedian, and actor, Declan Donnelly.

Born to Anne and Alphonsus Donnelly, Camelia grew up alongside six siblings on the council estate of Cruddas Park.

Unfortunately, her father, Alphonsus, passed away in the hospital after battling cancer.

Despite her connection to a public figure, there is limited information available about Camelia’s life on the internet.

Her privacy seems to be well-maintained, and any updates or additional details about her life will be shared as they become available.

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