Did Dorothy Vaughan Have Siblings? The Answer May Surprise You

Did Dorothy Vaughan Have Siblings?

An image of Dorothy Vaughan
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Dorothy Vaughan was a mathematician who worked at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia.

She was one of the first female managers and the first African-American manager there.

Dorothy was born on September 20, 1910, in Kansas City, Missouri.

She went to Wilberforce University in Ohio and graduated in 1929.

Dorothy married Howard Vaughan in 1932, and they had six children together.

She worked hard and became the acting supervisor of the West Area Computers, where she led a team of staff.

Dorothy was a pioneer in preparing for the use of computers in the 1960s by teaching herself and her staff the Fortran programming language.

Her life and achievements were featured in the book and movie “Hidden Figures.”

Buckle up as we learn more about her family history and answer the big question: Did Dorothy Vaughan have siblings?

Dorothy Vaughann

Dorothy Vaughan’s Family and Background

Dorothy Vaughan was born on September 20, 1910, in Kansas City, Missouri.

Some sources mention her parents’ names as Leonard and Anne Johnson.

They moved to Morgantown, West Virginia when Dorothy was young.

Early Life and Education

Dorothy graduated from Beechurst High School in 1925 and received a full scholarship to Wilberforce University in Ohio.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Wilberforce in 1929.

Did Dorothy Vaughan have siblings?

Details about Dorothy’s family, especially her siblings, are scarce.

This lack of information is typical, especially for African Americans during times of segregation when historical records were limited and difficult to access.

Hence, there is no indication of Dorothy Vaughan having any siblings.

Family Life and Marriage

In 1932, Dorothy married Howard Vaughan.

They settled in Newport News, Virginia.

Dorothy and Howard had six children together:

  • Ann
  • Maida
  • Leonard
  • Kenneth
  • Michael
  • Donald

Despite facing challenges due to segregation, Dorothy was deeply committed to her family and her church.

She went on to achieve remarkable success as a mathematician and engineer at NASA, contributing significantly to the space program.


Although information about Dorothy Vaughan’s siblings remains unknown, this fact does not overshadow her remarkable accomplishments.

Her narrative serves as a giant reminder of the many untold stories in history.

With advanced investigation, we may uncover more about Dorothy’s family in the future.


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