DJ Skrillex Brother: How Bobby Duque Is Making His Own Waves in Electronic Music

Skrillex, a name synonymous with bass-heavy dubstep and electrifying electronic music, needs little introduction.

Sonny John Moore, the man behind the mask, has taken the world by storm with his genre-bending sounds and energetic performances.

But what about the musical talent that might run in the family? Does Skrillex have any siblings following in his footsteps?

The answer is yes! Skrillex has a younger brother, Bobby Duque, who has carved his path in the electronic music scene.

While not reaching the stratospheric heights of his brother, Bobby Duque has established himself as a talented producer and DJ, making waves in the industry with his unique sound.

DJ Skrillex Brother

Skrillex Biography

Sonny John Moore, professionally known as Skrillex, has achieved significant acclaim in his career. He was born on January 15, 1988, in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Raised in Northern California, he lived with his parents, although he was adopted by a friend of his biological parents.

Sonny moved frequently during his childhood, residing in San Francisco, the Mojave Desert, and Northern California.

Eventually, he settled in Los Angeles, where he completed his high school studies. From a young age, Sonny showed a keen interest in music, which later developed into his passion.

DJ Skrillex Brother

Bobby Duque, Skrillex’s younger brother, has also found his calling in electronic music. Unlike Skrillex’s dubstep-heavy sound, Bobby leans towards a more melodic and soulful brand of electronic dance music (EDM).

He performs as one half of the duo FYER, alongside fellow producer Anthony Hernandez.

Bobby Duque’s Career

Duque embarked on his musical journey at a young age, inspired by his brother’s love for music.

In his teens, he began experimenting with electronic music production, refining his skills and crafting his own distinctive style.

Around 2012, rumors circulated about a mysterious producer named Bobby Duque, whose music bore similarities to Skrillex’s signature sound.

In 2013, FYER officially formed and made their debut with the track “Crunk (Yeah)” on the renowned label OWSLA, co-founded by Skrillex himself.

While this association undoubtedly provided opportunities, FYER’s success is primarily the result of their talent and hard work.

FYER’s music blends elements of deep house, techno, and future bass, resulting in a captivating and original sound.

They have released tracks on labels such as Dim Mak Records and Night Bass, earning recognition in the EDM community.

Songs like “Losing My Mind” and “No Future” demonstrate their ability to combine catchy melodies with pulsating basslines, creating music that is both infectious and emotionally evocative.

How Did DJ Skrillex Brother Get Started in Music Production?

While Skrillex’s influence might have initially sparked Bobby’s interest in music, his career path seems to be a result of dedication and independent development.

There’s no confirmation of formal training or mentorship from Skrillex, suggesting Bobby honed his skills through personal exploration and experimentation with music production software.

Bobby Duque’s Net Worth

The exact net worth of Bobby Duque remains undisclosed.

Unlike Skrillex, who boasts substantial wealth with a net worth of $80 million USD, Bobby’s career, though successful, is likely within the range of a mid-tier electronic music producer/DJ.

Unlike his brother, Skrillex, Bobby’s net worth is not as massive.

The Bond Between DJ Skrillex and Bobby Duque

The relationship between Skrillex and Bobby goes beyond blood ties. Their bond is rooted in shared experiences, late-night studio sessions, and a mutual love for music.

While Skrillex’s fame skyrocketed, Bobby remained a steadfast supporter, celebrating his brother’s achievements.

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