Does Marketa Vondrousova Have Siblings? Who are They?

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Markéta Vondroušová has one sibling, a younger sister called Julia Vondrousova.

The Czech tennis sensation made history by clinching the Wimbledon championship in 2023.

As the first unseeded woman to secure the singles title, she not only showcased her remarkable skills but also her determination on the court.

However, behind every successful athlete lies a strong support system, and for Vondroušová, family plays a crucial role.

Her journey to tennis greatness has been intertwined with the support of her loved ones, particularly her siblings.

Markéta Vondroušová’s sister Julia Vondrousova has been an especially strong support system for her.

Moments like her Wimbledon victory are not just personal triumphs but also moments of shared joy and pride for her family.

Stay tuned to discover more about Markéta Vondroušová’s inspiring journey to tennis stardom and the vital role her family, especially her siblings, play in her life and career.

Does Marketa vondrousova have a sister? Who is She?

An image of Marketa Vondrousova Siblings
An image of Marketa Vondrousova Siblings/PHOTO: Files

Yes, Markéta Vondroušová indeed has a younger sister named Julia Vondrousova.

Julia is captured in some emotional moments during Markéta’s matches, especially during the Wimbledon tournament.

She was notably seen in a TikTok video, where she was visibly moved while watching her sister compete in the Wimbledon final.

The video showcased Julia’s intense emotions as she supported Markéta from the sidelines.

Julia’s reaction expressed the tension and excitement of witnessing her older sister’s historic victory at Wimbledon.

Julia is younger than Markéta, who is 24 years old.

Julia and  Marketa’s Sisterly Bond

Her supportive presence during Markéta’s matches highlights the close bond between the two sisters.

They shared a touching moment of celebration after Markéta’s Wimbledon triumph, emphasizing the importance of family support in Markéta’s journey to success.

Markéta Vondroušová

Julia’s Impact on Marketa’s Career

Julia’s unwavering support surely plays a significant role in Marketa’s career.

She serves as a source of motivation and inspiration.

Knowing that her sister is cheering her on from the sidelines fuels Marketa’s determination to succeed and persevere through challenges.

Marketa has often expressed gratitude for Julia’s support in interviews and social media posts.

She acknowledged the importance of having her sister by her side during both the highs and lows of her tennis journey.

Julia’s presence at Marketa’s matches provides emotional support and a reminder of the strong family bonds that drive and sustain her throughout her career.

Other Siblings

Marketa may have other siblings who also play a role in her life but Julia is the most prominent sibling in her public life.

The focus on Julia underscores the special relationship between the two sisters.

It also shows the significant impact Julia’s support has on Marketa’s career and personal life.


Who is Julie Vondrousova’s sister?

Julia Vondroušová’s sister is Markéta Vondroušová.

What are Marketa Vondrousova tattoos?

Markéta Vondroušová’s tattoos include phrases like “No rain, no flowers,” her lucky number 13, and the five Olympic rings.

An image of Marketa Vondrousova's Tattoo
An image of Marketa Vondrousova’s Tattoo/PHOTO: Instagram

Has Vondrousova ever won a grand slam?

Yes, Markéta Vondroušová won a Grand Slam, the Wimbledon title in 2023.

Who is Vondrousova’s coach?

Marketa’s coach is Jiří Hřebec, Jan Hernych.


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