Curious About Dominic Perrottet’s Siblings? Meet Jean-Claude and Charles Perrottet

I have perused through the internet and found more people curious to know how many siblings Dominic Perrottet has.

Today I decided to do extensive research on his siblings, and here are the facts that I found.

He has two siblings, Jean-Claude Perrottet and Charles Perrottet.

Dominic Francis Perrottet is an Australian politician.

But behind his fame, do you know anything about his siblings?

First, let’s delve into Dominic Perrottet’s biography, and then I will provide you with a biography of his siblings.

An image of Dominic Perrottet
Dominic Perrottet. Photo source: Facebook.

Dominic Perrottet

Dominic Francis Perrottet is an Australian politician.

He was the 46th premier of New South Wales from 2021 to 2023. He led the New South Wales division of the Liberal Party of Australia.

Perrottet took over the role after Gladys Berejiklian stepped down.

Before becoming premier, Perrottet was the treasurer of New South Wales.

He was also the deputy leader of the New South Wales Liberal Party from January 2017 to October 2021.

He represents the seat of Epping in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly, starting with the 2019 state election.

Before that, he represented Castle Hill from 2011 to 2015 and Hawkesbury from 2015 to 2019.

Perrottet held different ministerial positions in previous governments. He was the Minister for Industrial Relations in the first Berejiklian ministry.

He also served as Minister for Finance, Services, and Property in the first and second Baird ministries.

Perrottet became premier after Berejiklian resigned in October 2021.

However, he lost his position in the 2023 state election.

He then stepped down as the leader of the Liberal Party shortly after.

Jean-Claude Perrottet

The younger brother of the NSW premier, Jean-Claude Perrottet, has returned to Sydney after avoiding a parliamentary inquiry about wrongdoing, which finished last week.

He mentioned that he was out of the country during the inquiry into the Hills Shire Council. To find him, a private company was hired.

In a letter to the inquiry, he denied all accusations and criticized it for having political motives.

Parliament staff had been trying to find Jean-Claude for weeks to give him a summons for the inquiry.

At one point, a private company was hired to look for him around Sydney because he wasn’t responding to calls and emails.

The inquiry heard that Jean-Claude, and another man asked for money to remove someone from their political position.

On February 28, the inquiry got a letter from Jean-Claude saying he was overseas and couldn’t help.

Recently, Channel Nine filmed him in Sydney, where he confirmed being abroad but avoided answering where exactly he had been.

The inquiry had to finish on March 3 because of the upcoming election.

Charles Perrottet

Charles Perrottet, Dominic’s brother, used to be influential, but now he is in trouble.

He has been accused of being involved in corruption.

The corruption watchdog in Virginia has searched the homes of some former and current Liberal MPs, including Charles.

They took laptops and phones from up to five homes.

The raids are because of allegations made by a Liberal MP named Ray Williams.

He said some members of his party were paid to put certain people on a council.

Charles was not named by Williams, but Dominic Perrottet, the former premier, told the corruption watchdog about the claims.

A Parliament inquiry started, and Charles and his brother Jean-Claude were asked to talk about it.

They did not show up, and they gave different reasons.

Charles said he did not have to because he lives in Victoria now, not New South Wales.

Jean-Claude was missing for a month, and when found, he said he had been overseas.

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