Dwayne Johnson’s Siblings: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Dwayne Johnson’s Siblings: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

You probably know Dwayne Johnson as the charismatic and muscular star of blockbuster movies like Fast and Furious, Jumanji, and Moana.

But did you know that he has four siblings who are equally fascinating and diverse?

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the lesser-known members of the Johnson family and share some of their amazing stories.

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Discover the surprising and diverse stories of Dwayne Johnson’s siblings and how they connect with the Hollywood star in this interesting and informative article. (Source: Instagram)

Curtis Bowles-Johnson: The Half-Brother Who Found His Roots

Curtis Bowles-Johnson is Dwayne’s oldest half-brother, born from their father’s previous marriage.

He is 58 years old and lives in Florida.

Curtis works as a truck driver and enjoys fishing and hunting.

He didn’t meet Dwayne until he was 12 years old, when their father, Rocky Johnson, brought him to Hawaii.

Curtis and Dwayne bonded over their love of wrestling and their father’s legacy.

Curtis also discovered his Samoan heritage through Dwayne’s mother, Ata Johnson, and learned about his ancestors and culture.

Wanda Bowles: The Half-Sister Who Became a Singer

Wanda Bowles is Dwayne’s half-sister, also born from their father’s previous marriage.

She is 56 years old and lives in Georgia.

She is a singer and songwriter who goes by the stage name Wanda Luv.

Wanda has released several albums and singles, including a tribute song to their father called “The Soulman.”

She also runs a non-profit organization called the Wanda Luv Foundation, which helps children and families in need.

Bowles has a close relationship with Dwayne and often attends his movie premieres and events.

The Johnson Family

The Johnson family is a remarkable example of diversity, resilience, and support.

They come from different backgrounds, races, and professions, but they share a common bond of love and respect.

They honor their father, Rocky Johnson, who was a trailblazing wrestler and a loving father.

He passed away in 2020, but his legacy lives on through his children and grandchildren.

They also support each other’s endeavors and celebrate each other’s achievements.

Dwayne is proud of his siblings and often praises them on social media.


Dwayne Johnson’s siblings are not as famous as him, but they are equally interesting and inspiring.

Their unique stories and passions, overcoming challenges and obstacles, show the strength of their connection with Dwayne and their family.

Through thick and thin, they support each other, demonstrating that family is everything.

Their lives reveal unexpected connections and opportunities.

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