Elvis Presley Siblings: A Tale Of Love, Loss, And Betrayal

Elvis Presley, the legendary singer and actor, is widely regarded as one of the most influential and iconic figures in the history of music and pop culture.

His distinctive voice, style, and charisma earned him the nickname “The King of Rock and Roll” and millions of fans around the world.

A picture of Elvis Presley, part of Elvis Presley siblings | Photo courtesy: Getty
Elvis Presley’s siblings have played an important role in his life, both positively and negatively | Photo courtesy: Getty

But did you know that Elvis was not an only child? In fact, he had an identical twin brother who died at birth, as well as three stepbrothers from his father’s second marriage.

In this article, we are going to explore the fascinating facts and stories about Elvis Presley’s siblings and how they shaped his life and legacy.

Elvis’ Twin Brother: Jesse Garon Presley

Elvis was born on January 8, 1935, in a two-room house in Tupelo, Mississippi, to Vernon and Gladys Presley.

His parents were poor and struggled to make ends meet. Elvis was their first and only child, but he was not alone in the womb. He had an identical twin brother, Jesse Garon Presley, who was delivered first, but was stillborn.

Elvis and his parents were devastated by the loss of Jesse. They buried him in an unmarked grave in a nearby cemetery. Elvis grew up as an only child, but he always felt a connection to his twin brother. He often wondered what his life would have been like if Jesse had lived.

He also believed that he had inherited his musical talent from his brother, who he considered his guardian angel. Elvis was very close to his mother, who was overprotective and doted on him. She encouraged his interest in music and bought him his first guitar when he was 11 years old. Elvis was shy and lonely as a child, and often sang to himself or to his imaginary brother.

Elvis never forgot his twin brother and often visited his grave. He also paid tribute to him in his songs, such as “My Happiness” and “That’s Someone You Never Forget”. Elvis also wore a pendant with the initials “EP” and “JGP” on it, representing Elvis Presley and Jesse Garon Presley. He also had a tattoo of a cross and the letter “J” on his arm, symbolizing his brother. Elvis believed that he shared a special bond with his twin brother, and that he was always watching over him.


Elvis was born 35 minutes later, weighing only 4 pounds. He was so frail that his parents feared he would not survive. They named him Elvis Aron Presley, after a friend of the family and his twin brother. The spelling of his middle name was later changed to Aaron, to match the biblical name and to honor his brother.

Elvis’ Stepbrothers: The Stanley Brothers

Elvis’ mother, Gladys, died of a heart attack on August 14, 1958, when Elvis was 23 years old. He was heartbroken and inconsolable.

Elvis blamed himself for her death, and felt guilty for leaving her alone while he pursued his career. He also felt lonely and isolated, and sought comfort in drugs and women.

His father, Vernon, was also devastated by the loss of his wife, and remarried a year later, to a woman named Davada “Dee” Stanley, who had three sons from a previous marriage: Bill, David, and Rick. They moved into Graceland, Elvis’ mansion in Memphis, Tennessee, and became part of his family.

A picture of Elvis Presley with his step brothers | Photo courtesy: Daily Express
Elvis Presley with his step brothers | Photo courtesy: Daily Express

Elvis was much older than his stepbrothers, and acted as a father figure to them. He was generous and kind, and treated them as his own. He gave them money, cars, clothes, and jewelry. Elvis also hired them as his personal assistants, bodyguards, and confidants.

They became part of his entourage, known as the “Memphis Mafia”, and traveled with him on tours and movie sets. The brothers witnessed his fame, fortune, and excesses, as well as his struggles, insecurities, and addictions. They also shared his love for music, and often sang and played instruments with him.

Elvis’ stepbrothers, however, never stopped loving him, and tried to help him overcome his problems. They also wrote books and made documentaries about their life with him, and shared their memories and insights.

They revealed the good and the bad sides of Elvis, and the impact he had on their lives. The brothers also defended him from the critics and the rumors, and celebrated his achievements and legacy.

They considered him as their brother, and honored his memory.


Elvis’ relationship with his stepbrothers was not always smooth. He was often jealous and suspicious of them, and accused them of stealing from him or betraying him. He also resented their mother, Dee, who he felt was interfering with his father’s life and his own.

Elvis disliked her controlling and manipulative behavior, and often argued with her. He also blamed her for his father’s poor health and financial troubles.

He eventually cut off contact with her, and banned her from Graceland. Elvis also fired his stepbrothers from his staff, and distanced himself from them. He felt betrayed and abandoned by his family, and became more depressed and isolated.

Elvis’ Half-Sister: Eliza Presley

In 2007, a woman named Eliza Presley came forward, claiming to be the illegitimate daughter of Vernon Presley, and thus, the half-sister of Elvis. She said that she was born in 1955, as the result of a brief affair between Vernon and her mother, Florence Juanita Sharp, who was 19 years old at the time.

Eliza said that she was given up for adoption, and grew up in foster homes. She said that she always felt different from her adoptive family, and had a strong resemblance to Elvis. Eliza said that she discovered her true identity when she found her birth certificate, which listed Vernon Presley as her father.

Eliza Presley said that she contacted Vernon’s relatives, and obtained DNA samples from them. She also contacted a man named Jesse Presley, who claimed to be Elvis himself, who had faked his death in 1977.

She said that she had DNA tests done with both of them, and that the results confirmed that they were related. Eliza said that she had a phone conversation with Jesse, who welcomed her as his sister, and told her that he was still alive, but in hiding. She said that she also received letters and gifts from him, and that he asked her to keep his secret.

Eliza Presley’s Claims: A Quest For Justice Or A Scam For Money?

Eliza Presley said that she wanted to share her story with the world, and to prove that she was Elvis’ half-sister.

She said that she wanted to meet him in person, and to reunite with her family. She also said that she wanted to inherit part of his estate, and to have access to his medical records. Eliza said that she filed a lawsuit against the Presley family, and the administrators of his estate, to demand recognition and compensation. She said that she faced opposition and threats from them, and that they tried to discredit and silence her. She said that she was determined to fight for her rights, and to expose the truth.

However, Eliza Presley’s claims have been met with skepticism and controversy. Many people have doubted her credibility and motives, and accused her of being a fraud and a publicity seeker.

They have questioned the validity and the source of her DNA tests, and the identity and the existence of Jesse Presley. They have also pointed out the inconsistencies and the contradictions in her story, and the lack of evidence and witnesses to support it.

The public has also argued that she was exploiting Elvis’ name and fame, and disrespecting his memory and legacy. They have dismissed her as a delusional and a fantasist, and urged her to leave Elvis and his family alone.

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