Emma Watson Brother, Alex Watson: A Close Look at His Life

Emma Watson Brother.

Alex Watson is the sibling of the renowned actress Emma Watson, being her younger brother.

Emma Watson and her brother Alex Watson share a close bond as siblings, business partners, and best friends.

Emma Watson Brother: An image of Emma Watson and Alex Watson at the Soho House Awards on September 07, 2023 in New York City.
An image of Emma Watson and Alex Watson at the Soho House Awards on September 07, 2023, in New York City. PHOTO: ARTURO HOLMES/GETTY


Born in Paris and later relocating to England with their parents, Chris and Jacqueline (who divorced in 1995), the two, only two years apart in age, maintain a strong relationship.

Expressing their closeness, Alex dedicated a heartfelt Instagram post on Emma’s 33rd birthday, highlighting the positive aspects of having her as an older sister.

These include her influence on his style, appreciation for his sense of humor, and support for his artistic endeavors.

Explore more about Emma Watson’s brother and the actress’s reflections on their relationship throughout the years.

Emma Watson Brother: An infographic of what to know about Emma Watson’s brother, including what the actress has said about him over the years.
An infographic of what to know about Emma Watson’s brother, including what the actress has said about him over the years.


He Studied Philosophy

According to the Financial Times, Alex briefly delved into philosophy at Bristol.

In a conversation with The Independent, he revealed that, if given the chance, he would choose to meet Socrates from history.

He mentioned, “I’m currently delving into philosophy, and while it’s truly fascinating, the content can be a bit overwhelming. I might request him to elaborate further on it.”

He Is A Former Model

Alex, a one-time model and actor, took the spotlight alongside his sister Emma in a Burberry campaign for the label’s Spring 2010 collection, as well as for Silhouette eyewear, as reported by The Independent.

Expressing his astonishment, he revealed to the newspaper that his foray into the world of modeling was the most unexpected turn of events in his life.

“I never imagined I’d be discovered by a modeling agency, launching my entire modeling career,” he remarked. “I never considered myself capable of something like that or envisioned myself in that light. It’s quite surprising.”

He subsequently informed the Financial Times, stating, “I was being encouraged to pursue a career in modeling or acting.”

They Co-Founded A Gin Company

Emma and Alex established Renais, a sustainable gin enterprise that takes its name from the French word for “rebirth.”

The gin is crafted by distilling upcycled French wine-pressed grapes, sourced from the Watson family vineyard among others.

Renais utilizes premium local ingredients, including hand-picked Grand Cru grapes, organically pressed, and grown in the distinctive Kimmeridgian terroir indigenous to the region.

Notably, the gin is produced as a carbon-neutral product.

He Had A Previous Career In The Hospitality and Alcohol Industry

At the age of 16, Alex embarked on a career in pubs and restaurants, where his passion for hospitality blossomed.

According to his conversation with the Financial Times, he expressed his deep love for the industry.

Before founding Renais with Emma, Alex gained valuable experience in the alcohol sector, notably with Diageo.

His roles involved working with renowned brands such as Tanqueray gin, Ketel One vodka, and Johnnie Walker whisky.

Reflecting on his past, he described engaging in “third-space marketing,” encompassing activities like organizing supper clubs, conducting cocktail masterclasses, establishing bars, and curating menus.

Despite enjoying what he considered his dream job, Alex realized that once the idea for Renais took hold, it became an indelible part of his vision.

They Share A Love Of Music

Emma and Alex share a deep passion for music.

In a Renais Instagram post, Emma expressed, “Over the past few years, one of the many things @alex.s.watson and I have connected over is our mutual love for music.”

Despite their initial diverse tastes, ranging from The Spice Girls to The Offspring, Emma mentioned that their musical preferences have converged over time.

She shared, “Now, we find joy in making dinner together and sharing the latest tunes that have captured our ears.”

The duo also collaborated on a Spotify playlist for their fans to enjoy.

They Attend Award Shows Together

Emma and Alex recently graced the Soho House Awards, where they were honored with the Breakthrough Entrepreneur award for Renais, set to be available at U.K. Soho Houses.

Capturing the moment, Alex posted snapshots from the event on Instagram, showcasing a delightful shared cocktail moment between him and Emma.

This is not the first time the duo has attended events together.

In July 2023, they were spotted at Wimbledon, enjoying a match and making an appearance in the Evian VIP Suite.

Alex has consistently shown support for Emma’s Harry Potter journey, joining her at the premieres of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1” in 2010 and “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” in 2007.

He Loves To Travel

Alex, a globetrotter, frequently showcases his journeys on Instagram.

His adventures have led him to explore destinations such as Mexico, Courchevel in France, New York City, and California.

He Encouraged Emma To Start Directing

Encouraged by Alex, Emma spearheaded her inaugural advertising campaign for Prada in 2022.

“I consistently heard suggestions about directing and producing, even during my time on Potter,” she shared with the Financial Times. “I had concerns that it was more technical than creative, and I doubted if I could apply my skill set. It wasn’t until Alex approached me with opportunities, and friends sought favors like ‘I need a photoshoot’ or ‘Can you help with my video,’ that I realized I possess considerable knowledge in that domain.”

Alex chimed in, “As a child, you dedicated more time to film sets than to school.”

Emma Appreciates His Humor

Emma values Alex for his sense of humor.

On her 33rd birthday, she expressed her gratitude in a heartfelt Instagram post, saying, “I want to thank my brother @alex.s.watson for making even the most challenging moments hilariously enjoyable over time.”

Final Thoughts

Emma Watson and her brother, Alex, are more than just siblings – they’re business partners, best friends, and supportive collaborators.

Together, they’ve ventured into modeling, acting, and entrepreneurship.

From a shared love for music to co-founding the sustainable gin brand, Renais, the Watson siblings share a unique and multifaceted relationship.

Alex, a former model and hospitality professional, played a crucial role in inspiring Emma to explore directing.

Their close bond is evident in shared experiences at award shows, global travels, and public appearances, reflecting not only familial ties but also a harmonious blend of shared passions and mutual support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Has Emma Watson got a brother?

Emma Watson and her brother Alex Watson share a bond as siblings, business collaborators, and closest confidants.

Born with a mere two-year age gap in Paris, they later relocated to England with their family.

Despite their parents, Chris and Jacqueline, divorcing in 1995, the siblings maintain a strong and close relationship.

  • Are Alex and Emma Watson related?

Alex Watson, the brother of Emma Watson, has disclosed the experience of collaborating with his renowned sister.

At the age of 30, Alex, a former model and actor, co-founded a gin business named Renais in early 2023 alongside the 33-year-old Harry Potter star.

  • How old is Alex Watson?

As of 2024, Alex Watson is 31 years old.

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