Eric Harris Siblings: A Comprehensive Guide to the Family of the Columbine Killer

Eric Harris  siblings, particularly his older brother Kevin, played a significant role in the narrative of his early life.

Born in 1981 to Wayne Harris and Katherine ‘Kathy’ Poole Harris in Wichita, Kansas, Eric experienced a nomadic childhood, moving across states and cities before the family settled in Littleton, Colorado, in 1993.

Viewed by some as a “nice looking family,” the Harris household harbored underlying challenges.

Eric’s struggles with constant relocation were documented in school papers, revealing feelings of isolation and frustration.

Despite initial impressions of normalcy, his journals later exposed a deepening resentment and anger, evolving into a fixation on mass destruction and prompting concerns about his mental state.

Within this context, the dynamics between Eric and his older brother, Kevin, became crucial in understanding his journey.

The question persists: Did Kathy and Wayne Harris, his parents, ever sense the ominous path Eric was on, leading toward a potential for mass violence?

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Kevin Harris

Wayne and Kathy Harris are the parents of Eric’s elder sibling, Kevin.

Being three years senior to Eric, Kevin joined Columbine when the family relocated to Colorado.

During his time there, he participated in football.

Upon completing his studies, Kevin pursued kinesiology at the University of Colorado.

Subsequently, he followed a path similar to his father’s by joining the military, specifically the Army.

While enlisted, he achieved his master’s degree.

Kevin eventually married and now has a family of his own.

Eric Harris Parents

Wayne Harris, an Air Force pilot, moved his family frequently due to military assignments.

Eric, born in 1981, experienced multiple school changes.

Wayne received commendations, but in 1993, he retired, and the family settled in Litton, Colorado.

Eric struggled with making and losing friends due to constant relocations, expressing his frustration in writing.

In the Basement Tapes, he blamed his father for the moves and the challenges he faced in new schools, feeling isolated and mocked by peers.

Signs of Being a Troubled Teenager Eric Harris

Moving to Colorado, Eric enrolled at Ken Caryl Middle School, forming a close bond with Dylan Klebold.

Both shared interests in computers, video production, firearms, violent video games, and, as part of the Trench Coat Mafia gang, an unhealthy fascination with Hitler.

Planning a massacre on Hitler’s birthday, they were arrested in 1998 for breaking into a van and stealing computers.

Charges of criminal mischief, breaking and entering, and theft were dropped after completing a juvenile diversion program, anger management classes, counseling, and community service.

Despite writing an apology letter, Eric’s journal revealed a defiant attitude.

Wayne Harris, Eric’s father, documented the case with multiple counseling and psychiatric evaluations, but it’s unclear if these aimed to assist Eric or fulfill his sentence.

FBI reports indicated Harris also stole computer parts from the school.


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 Eric Planning Mass Murder

Wayne Harris diligently maintained a notebook labeled “Eric,” chronicling challenges faced by his son, including property damage accusations, a felony case, and discord with Brooks Brown.

Wayne staunchly dismissed Brown’s claims, portraying Eric as innocent.

Contrary to Wayne’s stance, a report revealed death threats from Eric to Brooks, outlining plans for pipe bombs.

Brooks’ tardiness led to harassment, but authorities couldn’t verify his account due to restricted website access.

Despite their history, Brown and Harris reconciled, with Eric allowing Brown to escape the tragedy.

Brooks later revealed Eric consistently lied to his father, portraying himself as innocent.

Harris Suspected His Son Was Involved In The Massacre

Doubts persisted about the Harris family’s awareness of their son’s actions.

Brian Rohrbough, whose son Daniel was a victim of Harris and Klebold, pointed to the diary as evidence that the father knew about his son’s problems.

“It shows this kid was dangerous. The idea that these families were unaware of what was happening in their homes is contradicted by this journal…

Transcribed from The Basement Tapes, Harris claimed his parents were either oblivious or chose to ignore the unfolding events.

He recounted an incident when his father, Wayne, received a call about ammunition clips, dismissing it since he hadn’t ordered any.

Harris also mentioned carrying a bag with a shotgun, unnoticed by his mother Kathy, who likely thought it was a BB gun.

Critics highlight Wayne Harris’ 911 call as almost admitting his awareness of his son’s nature and capabilities.

“Uh… my son is Eric Harris, and I’m afraid that he might be involved in the shooting at Columbine High School.”

Harris acknowledged his son’s affiliation with The Trench Coat Mafia and expressed concern about police apprehending anyone related to the shooting. On the day of the massacre, before discovering the bodies of Harris and Klebold, police searched the Harris residence, finding explosives.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, identifying Klebold and Harris as suspects, sent officers to secure evidence while awaiting search warrants.

Wayne and Kathy Harris were present during the search, during which incendiary devices and bombs were discovered, leading to the family’s evacuation.

The Harris family eventually moved from Littleton, Colorado, following the tragedy. In April 2000, they wrote an open letter:

“We remain deeply saddened by the widespread suffering caused by our son’s actions. We loved him dearly and struggle daily to comprehend why he committed such a horrific act. His actions are unforgivable and beyond our understanding. Time has not eased the pain.

We appreciate those who keep us in their thoughts and prayers.

Wayne and Kathy Harris
– April 15, 2000”


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