Ernest Ray Lynn siblings: A Look at the Family Tree

Ernest Ray Lynn Siblings

Ernest Ray Lynn, also known as Ernie Lynn, is one of the six children of the legendary country music singer, Loretta Lynn.

While Loretta was the star of the family, her children also had their share of the limelight.

This article will take a closer look at Ernest Ray Lynn and his siblings.

Loretta Lynn’s Children: The Siblings of Ernest Ray Lynn

Loretta Lynn had six children, three sons, and three daughters.

Ernest Ray Lynn was the middle child, with an older brother, Jack Benny Lynn, and a younger sister, Clara Marie Lynn.

He also had three younger sisters, Peggy Jean Lynn, Patsy Eileen Lynn, and Betty Sue Lynn.

Sibling Relationships

Ernest Ray Lynn and his siblings were quite close-knit, despite their family’s challenges.

Jack Benny Lynn died at the young age of 34 due to complications from diabetes.

This was a great tragedy for the Lynn family, and Loretta was particularly close to Jack.

They were devastated by Jack’s passing.

Patsy Eileen Lynn, the youngest of the Lynn siblings, married Philip Russell and had a daughter named Audrey Dyer.

The Lynn family welcomed Audrey into their fold, and she became close to her aunt and uncles.

Betty Sue Lynn was the oldest of the Lynn siblings, and she passed away in 2013 at the age of 64.

Ernest Ray Lynn and his siblings were heartbroken by Betty Sue’s death, and Loretta Lynn dedicated her album, “Full Circle,” to her eldest daughter.

The Lynn Family Tree

Ernest and his other siblings were part of a large family tree, with many ancestors and relatives.

Loretta Lynn’s parents were Oliver Vanetta Moonie Lynn and Clara Marie Webb.

Loretta’s siblings included her brother Melvin Webb, who had two sons, Willie L. Webb and Donald R. Webb, and her sister Crystal Gayle, who is also a famous country music singer.

On the paternal side, Ernest Ray Lynn and his siblings were descendants of Oliver Vanetta Lynn and Cora Kurtaindahl.

Oliver Vanetta Lynn had four brothers, Charles Lynn, John Lynn, Jack Lynn, and James Lynn, as well as a sister named Martha Lynn.


Ernest Ray and his siblings had a close relationship, despite their family’s challenges.

They were part of a large family tree, with many ancestors and relatives.

While Ernest Ray Lynn may not have achieved the same level of fame as his mother or sister, Crystal Gayle, he remains an important part of the Lynn family.

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