Exploring Benny Hinn Siblings Massive Lifestyle: Meet William, Sam, and Henry

I have perused the internet and seen people curious to know the Benny Hinn siblings.

The preacher has six siblings named Michael Hinn, Henry Hinn, William Hinn, Chris Hinn, Sam Hinn, and Rose Hinn.

Today I researched his three brothers, who are also preachers.

Benny Hinn was born on December 3, 1952.

He is a televangelist from Israel who now lives in America and Canada.

He is famous for organizing “Miracle Crusades,” big events where people gather to pray for healing or spiritual revival.

These events often happen in big stadiums in cities around the world.

They are shown on TV, so people everywhere can watch.

Despite his fame in televangelism, do you know anything about his brothers, who are also preachers?

He has three brothers who are also preachers: William, Henry, and Sam. 

Hinn, in his writings, traces his journey to 1973, when he visited Kathryn Kuhlman’s crusade.

On December 21, 1973, Hinn initiated his journey into televangelism by traveling by charter bus from Toronto to Pittsburgh to attend a “miracle service” led by evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman.

Even though he never met her face-to-face, he frequently attended her “healing services” and regarded her as a significant influence in his life.

In 1974, he was invited to share his spiritual encounter at Trinity Pentecostal Church in Oshawa, where he claimed to have been healed of his stuttering.

Now let me take you through each brother’s televangelism journey and their success in the ministry.

An infographic of Benny Hinn siblings
An infographic of Benny Hinn siblings

Benn Hinn

Benny Hinn, born on December 3, 1952, is a televangelist from Israel who now lives in America and Canada.

He is famous for his big events called “Miracle Crusades.”

These are like big meetings for prayers and healing, held in stadiums in major cities.

People watch them on TV all over the world on his show called “This Is Your Day.”

Hinn started his journey into televangelism in 1973 when he went to see Kathryn Kuhlman’s event on December 21.

He traveled by bus from Toronto to Pittsburgh for this “miracle service” she led.

Even though he never met her, he attended too many of her healing events and saw her as a big influence in his life.

In 1974, Hinn talked about his spiritual experience at a church in Oshawa.

He said he was healed of his stuttering there.

Benny Hinn Ministries says they help many missions and orphanages worldwide.

They say they support over 100,000 children each year and feed 45,000 kids every day because of donations.

They gave $100,000 to help people affected by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and $250,000 to help after a tsunami in 2007.

Hinn’s teachings are about spiritual gifts and believing in prosperity.

He also believes in Christ’s presence during the Eucharist.

Benny Hinn has written many Christian books.

His TV show “This Is Your Day” is one of the most-watched Christian programs worldwide.

You can see it on different Christian TV networks.

He organizes big events called “Miracle Crusades” in sports stadiums around the world.

He says millions of people come to these events each year.

Evander Holyfield, a boxer, says Hinn healed him during one of these events.

Benny hinn siblings (1)

Benny Hinn siblings:

 1. Henry Hinn

Henry Hinn serves as the founder and senior pastor of Vancouver Christian Centre, operating under the banner of HHM (Henry Hinn Ministries), echoing the motto “With God, nothing is impossible!” Amidst the diverse landscape of ministers in a world where freedom of speech and religion prevail, Henry Hinn, a television evangelist based in Vancouver, seems to have carved out his place in the realm of lower wavelengths.

However, his success behind the pulpit owes much to his brother, Benny Hinn.

Despite facing occasional challenges, the brothers reap significant rewards from their trade, as their lifestyle and ventures demonstrate:

  • They possess luxury Mercedes-Benz cars and reside in opulent mansions valued at over $700,000 each, nestled within gated communities.
  • They frequently traverse the globe, often sharing the same stage.
  • Their churches, Orlando Christian Center and Vancouver Christian Center, bear strikingly similar names.
  • They have encountered legal issues along the way.

The question arises: how does Henry afford such a lavish lifestyle?

He and his wife, Donna, collectively receive a weekly salary of CAD$2,000 while overseeing a congregation of approximately 250 individuals, a decline from 600 members in previous years.

Despite claims by Benny Hinn of an attendance of 1,000 first-class people, observation suggests a discrepancy; during a visit to his church, a converted warehouse in the city of Richmond, British Columbia, only around 300 chairs were counted, with the space appearing half-empty.

 2. Sam Hinn

He is the founder and preacher of the church in Sanford.

His ministry has been faced with obstacles, with recent sources citing his resignation after being involved in affairs with his members.

Sam Hinn might be back in the ministry, but he is still dealing with the same problems that led him to step down.

This is according to the pastor who first helped him when he admitted to having a relationship with someone from his church.

Ron Johnson, who leads One Church in Longwood, said on Monday that Hinn quit a two-year plan to get better after only three months.

This meant many of his issues were not fixed.

Johnson has helped over 20 ministers who were going through tough times.

Johnson said, “I often think these problems arise when someone is too focused on themselves, and we need to address this.”

Leaders at The Gathering Place Worship Center asked him to assist Hinn in his recovery.

A group of pastors ordained Hinn again on Sunday.

This occurred seven months after he departed from his church in Sanford because of his admission of an affair.

 3. William Hinn

William, accompanied by his wife Emily, actively serves as the senior pastor of Rise Nation Church, to inspire a generation to follow Jesus.

Dr. William Hinn, with over 30 years of international pastoral experience, has engaged in various roles, including missionary work and humanitarian efforts.

Collaborating with Pastor Benny Hinn, William leads discussions on topics like “Christ in You” and the “Kingdom of God.” Since 1973, Dr. Hinn has been actively ministering.

In 1988, he established the Resurrection Life Center in Central Florida and Ark of Covenant International, a global ministerial network that supports pastors and ministers worldwide through ordination, education, and fellowship.

Dr. Hinn’s ministry extends globally, aiding in the establishment and growth of churches in numerous countries.

He actively supports missionary work worldwide, including the establishment of the William D. Hinn Birthing Center in East Timor, Southeast Asia.

Dr. Hinn, recognized by the Joint College of Bishops affiliated with the Church of England, holds three doctorates, including a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary in Tampa, Florida.

His teachings on topics such as the Father, the Kingdom of God, and church government are highly sought-after at conferences worldwide, where pastors and their congregations seek his guidance as both a spiritual father and a Biblical scholar.

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