Exploring Rosemary Clooney’s Family: Meet Her Siblings

Exploring Rosemary Clooney’s Family: Meet Her Siblings

Rosemary Clooney, born on May 23, 1928, and passing away on June 29, 2002, was an esteemed American singer and actress.

Renowned for her versatility, she also excelled as a jazz vocalist.

Although Clooney encountered setbacks in the 1960s due to struggles with depression and substance abuse, her career experienced a resurgence in 1977.

This revival was sparked by her collaboration with Bing Crosby, her co-star in White Christmas, who invited her to join him for a special performance commemorating his 50th anniversary in show business.

Clooney continued to captivate audiences with her recordings until her passing in 2002.


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Rosemary Clooney biography


Are Rosemary Clooney and George Clooney related?

Rosemary Clooney had familial ties to notable figures in the entertainment industry.

She was the beloved aunt of the Academy Award-winning actor, George Clooney, and the sister of former television personality, Nick Clooney.

Additionally, she held the title of mother-in-law to the renowned singer, Debby Boone.

Rosemary was previously married to Jose Ferrer, with whom she shared a son, the accomplished actor Miguel Ferrer.

Tragically, her battle with lung cancer began in late 2001, marking a challenging chapter in her life.

How many children did Rosemary Clooney give birth to?

Rosemary entered matrimony with José Ferrer, a man 16 years her senior, in 1953. The union blessed them with five children: Miguel, Gabriel, Rafael, Monsita, and Maria.

Although they initially divorced in 1961, they reunited in 1964, only to part ways for the second time in 1967.

Rosemary Clooney Siblings

Nick Clooney

Nicholas Joseph Clooney, born on January 13, 1934, is a prominent American journalist, anchorman, and television host.

He is renowned as the brother of the esteemed singer Rosemary Clooney and the father of the acclaimed actor George Clooney.

Nick, alongside his sisters Rosemary Clooney and Gail Stone, appeared on Rosemary’s television program, The Lux Show, in 1957.

Unlike her siblings, Gail chose not to pursue an entertainment career.

Hailing from Maysville, Kentucky, Nick was born to Marie Frances (née Guilfoyle; 1904–1972) and Andrew Joseph Clooney (1902–1974) and was one of five children.

His father’s ancestry included Scots-Irish, Irish, and German roots, while his mother’s lineage traced back to Scots-Irish descent.

During his service as a Corporal in the U.S. Army, Nick showcased his talent as a disc jockey for the American Forces Network in Germany, hosting shows like Music in the Air and Melody-Go-Round.

Subsequently, he ventured into show business, initially moving to California before settling in Ohio.

It was there that he met Nina Warren, whom he married in August 1959 after their encounter at a beauty pageant, where she was a contestant and he served as a judge.

Alongside his son George, Nick Clooney shares a daughter named Adelia, affectionately known as Ada.

Betty Clooney

Betty Clooney, born Elizabeth Ann Clooney on April 12, 1931, in Maysville, Kentucky, was an American singer, TV presenter, and trailblazer who gained fleeting fame in the 1950s alongside her sister, Rosemary Clooney.

Despite her brief solo career, Betty made an impact with songs like Kiki and You Are All I See.

In 1955, she tied the knot with actor and musician Pupi Campo, with whom she shared four children.

Coming from a family of musicians, Betty was the second of three siblings, with older sister Rosemary Clooney and younger brother Nicholas Joseph Clooney.

Notably, her nephew was the renowned actor George Clooney.

Betty’s upbringing was marked by challenges, including her father’s struggles with alcoholism and her parents’ troubled marriage.

After her mother Frances divorced Andrew Clooney in the late 1930s, Frances remarried William Stone in 1939, and they welcomed a daughter, Gail, in 1945.

The family relocated to Oakland, California, where they resided in the John Brett Richeson House during the late 1940s. Despite the family’s trials, Betty and Rosemary shared a close bond.

Betty’s paternal grandfather played a role in local politics, employing his singing talents during mayoral election campaigns, which proved successful three times.

Through adversity and triumphs, the Clooney sisters remained steadfast allies, navigating the complexities of their upbringing together.

Gail Stone

Gail Stone, born on February 9, 1945, is recognized as an actress with notable appearances in television productions such as The Eve Arden Show (1957), The Rosemary Clooney Show (1956), and The Robert Q. Lewis Show (1950).

How old was Mary Clooney when she died?

Rosemary Clooney celebrated for her warm and radiant voice that solidified her status among the foremost American popular singers for over fifty years, passed away Saturday night at her Beverly Hills residence.

She was 74. Her spokesperson, Linda Dozoretz, cited complications from lung cancer as the cause of her death.

Did Rosemary Clooney have a son?

Clooney entered matrimony twice with Puerto Rican movie star José Ferrer, who was 16 years her senior.

Their first marriage took place on July 13, 1953, in Durant, Oklahoma. They later relocated to Santa Monica, California, in 1954, and then to Los Angeles in 1958.

During their union, the couple welcomed five children, including their son Miguel Ferrer, who also pursued a career in acting.

How did Clooney meet Amal?

George Clooney encountered a then-Amal Alamuddin at his residence in Lake Como, Italy, in July 2013, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

Additionally, the actor shared with David Letterman on his Netflix series My Next Guest Needs No Introduction in 2018, that their introduction occurred via a mutual acquaintance who was visiting him at the time.

Was George Clooney close to his aunt Rosemary?

Upon arriving in Hollywood from his hometown of Kentucky, the actor initially resided with his aunt and even assumed the role of her chauffeur.

This period coincided with a tour featuring prominent big-band vocalists such as Helen O’Connell, Margaret Whiting, and Martha Raye.

Clooney maintained a close connection with his aunt, even attending her on the day of her passing and fulfilling the role of a pallbearer at her funeral.

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