Florence Pugh Siblings: Meet the Talented Family of the Rising Star

Florence Pugh Siblings

An image of Florence Pugh
You know Florence Pugh as one of the most versatile actresses of her generation, but do you know her siblings? Learn more about the talented family of actors and musicians who inspire and encourage each other/PHOTO COURTESY: Facebook

Florence Pugh is one of the most acclaimed and versatile actresses of her generation.

She has starred in a range of genres, from horror to drama to comedy, and has earned multiple awards and nominations for her performances.

But did you know that she is not the only one in her family with a flair for the arts?

Florence Pugh has three siblings who are also actors and musicians.

Let’s meet them and find out more about their careers and relationships with Florence.

Toby Sebastian

An image of Florence's brother, Toby
Sebastian Toby/PHOTO COURTESY: Facebook

Florence’s older brother, Toby Sebastian, is perhaps the most famous of her siblings.

He is best known for playing Trystane Martell, the doomed prince of Dorne, in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones.

He also portrayed the legendary opera singer Andrea Bocelli in the biopic The Music of Silence and starred alongside Florence in the short film Paradise Lost.

But acting is not Toby’s only passion.

He is also a talented musician who has released two albums and several singles.

His latest song, “Midnight”, features Florence’s vocals in the background.

Toby and Florence have a close bond and often support each other on social media.

Florence once called him “the best and most giving big brother a girl could ask for” in an Instagram post.

Arabella Gibbins

An image of Arabella Gibbins, Florence Pugh's sister
Arabella Gibbins/PHOTO COURTESY: Instagram

Florence’s other older sister, Arabella Gibbins, is also an actress, but with a comedic twist.

She is a voice coach and a singer as well.

She has written, produced, and starred in the short film Swim to Land, which is a comedy about a woman who tries to escape her boring life by joining a synchronized swimming team.

Arabella is not very active on social media, so not much is known about her personal life.

However, she seems to share a sense of humour and a love for music with her siblings.

Rafaela “Raffie” Pugh

An image of Rafaela “Raffie” Pugh
Rafaela “Raffie” Pugh/PHOTO COURTESY: Facebook

Florence’s younger sister, Rafaela “Raffie” Pugh, is the baby of the family.

She is 19 years old and has already followed in her siblings’ footsteps by becoming an actress.

She appeared in the film Born to Die, which is a thriller about a group of friends who get involved in a deadly game.

Raffie is very close to Florence and often appears on her Instagram account.

Florence is very proud of her sister and has praised her talent and beauty.

She once wrote, “She’s so unbelievably talented and I’m so proud of my now not-so-little baby” in a birthday post to Raffie.


Florence Pugh is not the only star in her family.

She has three siblings who are also actors and musicians.

They all have different styles and personalities, but they share a common bond of love and support for each other.

They are truly a talented and adorable family.


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