From Mugshots to Models: The Intriguing Tale of Jeremy Meeks and His Brother

Jeremy Meeks, famously known as the “Hot Felon,” has an intriguing life story that has captured the attention of millions. His sudden rise to fame began with a viral mugshot that led to a successful modeling career.

However, the story of the Meeks family extends beyond Jeremy’s personal transformation. It’s a narrative deeply intertwined with his brother, Bryan Varela, whose life has been marked by its own dramatic turns.

Born into a family where crime cast a long shadow, Jeremy and Bryan navigated a tumultuous environment. Their father, Raymond Meeks, had a notorious history with the law, setting a challenging precedent for the brothers.

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While Jeremy’s encounters with the law are well-documented, leading to his viral fame and subsequent modeling career, Bryan’s story has unfolded away from the limelight.

Bryan Varela, often overshadowed by his brother’s notoriety, has faced his own legal battles. His story is not one of public redemption played out in the media but is equally significant.

This blog post delves into the contrasting journeys of the Meeks brothers, exploring the themes of crime, punishment, and the possibility of a second chance.

From Notoriety to Notable: The Transformation of Jeremy Meeks

Jeremy Meeks, born on February 7, 1984, is an American fashion model and actor who became an internet phenomenon when his mugshot went viral in 2014.

A former member of the Crips street gang, Meeks was arrested during a gang sweep in Stockton, California. His mugshot, posted by the Stockton Police Department on Facebook, garnered widespread attention due to his striking appearance.

Following his release from prison, Meeks seized the opportunity to turn his life around and entered the world of modeling.

His criminal background and captivating looks made for a compelling story that resonated with many, leading to a successful modeling career. He has walked for various fashion designers and has been featured in several fashion campaigns.

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Meeks’ life story is a remarkable example of personal transformation and the power of second chances. His journey from a life of crime to the fashion runways is not just about personal redemption but also about the societal fascination with transformation narratives.

What Happened to Bryan Varela?

Bryan Varela, who is related to Jeremy Meeks, has had encounters with the law. In one incident, he was allegedly involved in a hit-and-run that resulted in the death of LAPD Officer Roberto Sanchez.

Bryan was believed to be the passenger in the vehicle that crashed into Sanchez’s patrol car.

He denied violating the terms of his probation related to this incident and was taken into custody after a judge revoked his probation.

However, it’s important to note that the details of these cases involve sensitive legal matters and the information available is subject to change as new developments occur.

Bryan Varela’s Journey Beyond the Shadow

Jeremy Meeks’ journey from a criminal to a model is famous, but his brother Bryan Varela’s story is quieter yet just as important.

Bryan’s troubles with the law and his efforts to rebuild his life after prison add to the big discussion about crime, fairness, and getting better.

His struggles show how hard it can be to change and fit back into society.

Even though Bryan’s story isn’t in the spotlight, it shows that people can change, especially with support. It’s a different story from Jeremy’s, but it teaches us that everyone’s journey to getting better is special and full of ups and downs.

The Meeks brothers together show how people can change and how society can help or get in the way.

Their stories remind us that everyone behind the news has a story that’s worth hearing and understanding.

How have the Meeks Brothers Supported Each Other During Challenges?

Jeremy Meeks has shown support for his brother during challenging times in various ways. When Jeremy’s mugshot went viral and he faced legal issues, his family, including his brother Bryan Varela, stood by him.
Bryan expressed his belief in Jeremy’s change of character post-incarceration, emphasizing that Jeremy had learned from his mistakes and had shifted his focus to his family.
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Additionally, Jeremy’s mother set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for his legal defense, which is an indication of the family’s collective effort to support each other during difficult times.

While specific details of Jeremy’s support for Bryan are not widely publicized, it’s clear that the Meeks family has a strong bond and supports one another through legal and personal battles.


Jeremy Meeks and his brother show that life can change in unexpected ways. Jeremy got a second chance and became famous, but his brother’s story is less known.

Their lives teach us about family, tough times, and the hope for a better future.

Their story is more than just about them. It’s about how society judges people, how upbringing shapes us, and how we can change.

Their story is still going, reminding us to see the real people behind the headlines.



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