Gabriel Bateman Siblings: Unveiling The Talented Bateman Bunch

Gabriel Michael Bateman, born on September 10, 2004, has gained recognition as an American actor, particularly for his roles in various horror films.

Notable performances include portraying Robert in Annabelle (2014), Martin Wells in Lights Out (2016), Andy Barclay in Child’s Play (2019), and Kyle Flynn in Unhinged (2020).

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Gabriel Bateman
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Gabriel commenced his acting journey in 2012 with George Biddle, CPA, and has since steadily climbed the ladder in both role quality and industry prominence.

Approaching a decade in the field, Gabriel stands on the brink of transitioning into Hollywood stardom, actively distinguishing himself from the common pitfall of typecasting that many young actors encounter.

Remarkably, he has avoided being pigeonholed by actively curating a diverse portfolio that actively underscores his true versatility in the competitive realm of entertainment.

What sets Gabriel apart is not only his talent but also the collective creative prowess within the Bateman family.

Gabriel, having seven siblings, actively contributes to talented kin eager to make a significant impact in the industry.

These siblings actively share the same gifts as Gabriel, and together, they represent a multi-talented family poised to actively make strides in their respective careers.

Explore more about this gifted family as they actively embark on the journey to advance their young careers, and actively join us as we actively arrange the Bateman family from the eldest to the youngest, unveiling the promising talents within their ranks!

1. Justin Bateman

The eldest of the Bateman siblings is Justin Bateman.

While details about him are limited, he is recognized as an actor, with his notable appearance in the show I (Almost) Got Away with It.

In one episode, he portrayed James Wiley (2012), a man convicted of killing his stepmother and three younger brothers.

Here’s an interesting fact: I (Almost) Got Away with It was on air from 2010 to 2016.

The show presented dramatic reenactments of real-life stories involving bank robbers, jail escapees, drug dealers, murderers, and other criminals striving to avoid prison.

2. Hannah Bateman

The firstborn daughter among the Bateman siblings is Hannah Bateman, who is currently 30 years old.

While her professional experience is not extensive, IMDb indicates her latest role in 2021 as a P-Pac Dancer in The J Team.

This marks her return to the screen almost ten years after her appearance in George Biddle, CPA, where she played the Machinist’s daughter back in 2012.

Hannah is the daughter of Tim and Jonelle Bateman.

3. Leah Bateman

Leah Bateman, at the age of 27, boasts a promising resume that hints at a future in Hollywood stardom.

Her impressive roles in popular TV shows like Rizzoli & Isles, CSI, and Ray Donovan suggest that she may have the potential to lead in upcoming projects.

In 2015, she secured a role in the NBC series Aquarius, portraying the character Janet alongside David Duchovny, renowned for his time on X-Files.

Her most recent on-screen appearance was in 2019, where she played Danica Williams in Adventures of Daily & Spanky.

IMDb reveals that Leah is currently involved in the production of a film titled Where Were You, where she takes on the roles of producer, writer, and composer.

It seems she is truly a versatile talent capable of handling various aspects of the filmmaking process.

4. Judah Bateman

Judah Bateman, aged 24, stands out as an actor, notably in George Biddle, CPA, and films like Pals (2016) and The Divergence (2017).

In The Divergence, a tale of a troubled young man racing against time to free prisoners from a future desert prison, Judah takes on the role of Puck.

As the son of Tim and Jonelle Bateman, Judah’s contributions to the family’s artistic endeavors are commendable.

5. Noah Bateman

Noah Bateman, a 23-year-old actor in the Bateman family, has limited information available about his career and life.

He’s Tim and Jonelle Bateman’s son.

6. Tabitha Bateman

At just 21, Talitha Bateman built an impressive entertainment career, debuting in The Middle (2013).

Additionally, she stars in Geostorm and Annabelle: Creation.

In 2018, she portrayed Nora Spier in Love, Simon, co-starring with Jennifer Garner.

7. Aleq Bateman

At 20, she’s the second youngest of Tim Bateman and Jonelle Hassell’s children.


  1.  How many siblings does Gabriel Bateman have?

    Gabriel Bateman has seven siblings, making a total of eight children in the Bateman family.

  2.  Are any of Gabriel Bateman’s siblings involved in the entertainment industry like him?

    Yes, several of Gabriel Bateman’s siblings are aspiring to make their mark in the entertainment industry, sharing similar talents.

  3.  Who is the oldest sibling among Gabriel Bateman’s brothers and sisters?

    Justin Bateman holds the title of the eldest among Gabriel Bateman’s siblings.

  4.  Have Gabriel Bateman’s siblings collaborated on any projects together?

    While specific collaborations are not widely known, the Bateman siblings share a creative background and may collaborate in the future.

  5.  Can you provide details about the careers of Gabriel Bateman’s siblings?

    Information about the careers of Gabriel Bateman’s siblings is limited, but some have ventured into acting and other creative pursuits.

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