Gary Owen Siblings-How His Six Siblings Support His Comedy and Career

Gary Owen Siblings: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Gary Owen is a famous American comedian and actor, who has starred in movies like Think Like a Man and Ride Along.

He is also known for his show The Gary Owen Show on BET.

But did you know that he has six siblings from his parents’ different relationships?

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Learn about the comedian Gary Owen’s six siblings from his parents’ different relationships and how they support his career and family/PHOTO: Facebook

This article will introduce you to Gary Owen’s siblings and tell you some interesting facts about them.

Michelle Truss

Michelle Truss is one of Gary Owen’s half-sisters, who shares the same mother with him.

She is of mixed race, as her father is black.

She is married to Charles Truss and has a daughter.

Michelle is not very active on social media, but she occasionally appears on Gary Owen’s Instagram posts.

Dallas Edward Randall

Dallas Edward Randall was another half-brother of Gary Owen, who also had the same mother as him.

He was born in 1981 and died in 2016 due to a heroin overdose.

Dallas struggled with addiction for a long time and had several run-ins with the law.

He left behind a son, who is now being raised by his grandmother.

Gary Owen has paid tribute to his late brother on his social media and podcasts.

Ashley Muska

Ashley Muska is the third half-sister of Gary Owen from his mother’s side.

She is married to Nick Muska and lives in Ohio.

Ashley is close to Gary Owen and often attends his shows and events.

She also posts pictures with him and his family on her Facebook page.

Kyle Soto Randall

Kyle Soto Randall is the only half-brother of Gary Owen from his mother’s side.

He is the youngest of the four siblings who share the same mother.

There is not much information about him, as he seems to be very private and does not have any social media presence.

He does not appear on any of Gary Owen’s posts or podcasts either.

Emma Owens Kahlig and Kayla Owens Gatherwright

Emma Owens Kahlig and Kayla Owens Gatherwright are the twin half-sisters of Gary Owen from his father’s side.

They were born on December 19, and they are the daughters of Gary Owen Sr. and his second wife, Jane Murphy-Owens.

They are both married and have children of their own.

Emma works as a therapist at a rehabilitation centre, while Kayla is a stay-at-home mom.

They are both active on Facebook and Instagram, where they share their family photos and support their half-brother’s career.


Gary Owen is a successful comedian and actor, who has a large and diverse family.

He has six siblings from his parents’ different relationships, and he maintains a good bond with them.

He often talks about his siblings on his shows and podcasts, and he also invites them to his events and parties.

Gary Owen’s siblings are proud of him and his achievements, and they also have their own lives and careers.

Gary Owen’s siblings are a part of his story and his comedy, and they are also a part of his family.


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