Getting To Know Yara Shahidi’s Parents And Siblings

Getting To Know Yara Shahidi’s Parents And Siblings.!!!

Yara Shahidi’s parents, Keri Shahadi and Afshin Shahidi, and her brothers, Sayeed Shahidi and Ehsan Shahidi, are all in the entertainment industry, too.

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“Inside Yara Shahidi’s Family: Meet Her Parents and Siblings”

Yara Shahidi has a family full of actors and artists.

Firstly, her mom, Keri Shahidi, is an actress, and her dad, Afshin Shahidi, takes photos and makes films.

Yara’s younger brothers, Sayeed and Ehsan, act too and like to post on social media.

Also, their cousin is the famous rapper Nas.

Next, the Shahidis have worked together.

Yara and her mom run a company called 7th Sun Productions, and Sayeed was on the show Black-ish.

But they also just like spending time together.

For example, in May 2020, Keri and Yara told Vogue they talk about big ideas, read books like The Alchemist, and work out when they’re not busy.

Then, in an interview with Glamour in April 2017, Keri said their family is close because of their mix of Black and Iranian cultures.

She explained that being so involved in each other’s lives might seem like too much, but it’s really important in their cultures.

So, who makes up the Shahidi family?

Well, there’s Keri, Afshin, Sayeed, and Ehsan, who all have a close bond with Yara, the star of Grown-ish and a Harvard graduate.

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Yara and Keri run a company named 7th Sun Productions together

In July 2020, Yara and Keri started their own company called 7th Sun Productions.

Keri shared on Instagram that they want to create more stories, help the media world grow, and support other artists.

According to Deadline, they plan to make shows and movies about history, culture, and happiness.

Yara also has a show on Facebook Watch called Yara’s Day Off, made by their company, where she chats with famous people.

Before working in production, Keri acted in commercials, the TV show American Dad! in 2005, and In The Motherhood in 2009.

Now, Keri has a lot of followers on Instagram, where she posts about her family, writes like a blogger, and gives updates on her work.

Afshin moved to the United States from Iran as a child

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An image of Yara Shahidi & Afshin.

Afshin was only 7 when he came to the United States from Iran, not knowing any English.

Now, he uses social media to share his pride in being Iranian and to talk about the fight for rights in Iran.

“We must keep supporting the women of Iran,” he posted on Instagram in October 2022.

“We need everyone’s help to show that this is more than just a protest. It’s a fight for rights, a big change, and a stand against gender separation that’s happening right now.”

Then, in March 2023, he celebrated the Persian New Year, Nowruz, with a special message.

“Happy Nowruz,” he wrote. “As we welcome the new year with our loved ones, we remember those who are no longer with us and hope for a better future.”

Sayeed and Ehsan act too

Yara’s younger brothers, Sayeed and Ehsan, also love to perform.

First, Sayeed acted in famous TV shows like Black-ish and others.

He’s popular on Instagram with over 180,000 followers and often shares family pictures.

Next, Ehsan acted as O.J. Simpson’s son in the TV series The People v. O.J. Simpson.

Besides acting, he likes to post fun videos with his siblings on TikTok.

Afshin once worked with the musician Prince

Afshin takes pictures and makes films.

He has worked on big projects like the documentary “With Drawn Arms” in 2020 and the movie “The Man From Earth” in 2007.

At first, he helped the famous musician Prince with the camera, according to the San Francisco Art Exchange.

They worked together a lot, which made them good friends and work partners.

Afshin took photos of Prince at shows and parties, and in 2017, he made a book of these photos called “Prince: A Private View.”

Then, in an interview with TIME in November 2017, Yara talked about how Prince and her dad’s friendship influenced their family.

She said her dad’s work with Prince showed her how to be creative and build good work and personal relationships.

Afshin believed in doing things without limits.

The whole family went to the White House as a group

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Yara Shahidi Family at the STATE HOUSE.

In April 2016, Yara got the chance to co-host the Obama Administration’s Sixth Science Fair.

At that time, her family went with her to the White House.

Yara wrote on Facebook that meeting President Obama and Mrs. Obama was a big honor for them.

She said the Obamas show how important it is to be focused, strong, and keep going.

Yara also posted a playful picture of her brother Ehsan doing a dab dance move at the White House.

They are cousins with the rapper Nas

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Firstly, the famous rapper Nas is Keri’s cousin, and he’s close with the Shahidi family.

Then, in November 2022, Yara invited Nas to her show, Yara’s Day Off.

They chatted about many things like the Grammys, learning, UFOs, his songs, and his hopes to write books and start hotel businesses.

Also, Yara’s brother Sayeed and Nas’ daughter Destiny joined them for fun drinks and games during the show.

Moreover, Yara shared her thoughts about Nas on The White Guy Talk Show. She found it strange to realize how well-known he was.

In her mind, she knew he was a good rapper but didn’t grasp how many people listened to his music.

Yara has a strong bond with her brothers

In a 2017 interview with Glamour, Yara said that she learns fashion tips from her brother Sayeed.

First, she mentioned that they dress alike.

Sayeed, however, likes to add something extra like a chain or jacket.

Then, Yara talked about how Ehsan wears her old clothes but makes them look different with his style.

Next, in April 2024, while speaking to PEOPLE, Yara expressed her love for the tight bond her family shares.

She enjoys the funny things her brothers say about her dating life.

Lastly, Yara explained that sharing these stories with her brothers is what motivates her to go out.

She treasures the unique connection they have, which is comforting in a world where things change quickly and relationships can sometimes feel short-lived.

Keri and Yara share a strong bond

Keri and Yara really look up to each other and are very close.

First, in a Glamour interview, Keri said Yara is amazing, and Yara called her mom very talented.

Keri believes she taught Yara to be confident always.

Next, Yara told her mom that she shows how to be confident in your own place.

Keri also said she learned to be kind all the time from Yara.

Then, they both went on The Tonight Show in May 2018 and won the Mother-Daughter Challenge.

Yara knew that Keri often says “homegirl,” and Keri guessed right that Yara loves Frank Ocean’s album Blonde.

Lastly, speaking to SIBLINGSPEDIA in November 2023, Yara praised her mom for making sure she had a life beyond acting.

Yara said her hobbies and school helped her stay balanced.

She felt that going to college was important, even with a busy schedule, to have something different from the acting world.

The family always stands by each other

Yara shared her feelings about her family’s support during a WGN-TV interview.

She feels thankful to have her mom as a partner in business and a family that supports each other at every step.

She also said, “My family was with me on set for my first TV and movie roles, making it all a family event.

I’m thankful for my family and the people I’ve chosen as family who join me on this journey, because I couldn’t do it without them.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Yara Shahidi’s Parents And Siblings

Q: Who are Yara Shahidi’s parents, and what do they do?

A: Yara Shahidi’s parents are Keri Shahidi and Afshin Shahidi.

Keri is known for her work as a commercial actress and model, while Afshin is a cinematographer and director.

They have played significant roles in supporting Yara’s career in the entertainment industry.


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