Harriet Tubman siblings: From Slavery to Strength


Unveil the untold stories of Harriet Tubman siblings! Discover their resilience, support, and own acts of heroism.
Unveil the untold stories of Harriet Tubman siblings! Discover their resilience, support, and own acts of heroism.


Harriet Tubman, the legendary conductor of the Underground Railroad, is a beacon of courage and freedom.

But her remarkable story unfolds within the tapestry of a large and close-knit family.

Today, we step beyond the shadows of Harriet’s fame and into the lives of her ten siblings, exploring their struggles, triumphs, and unwavering support for their fearless sister.

Ben Ross

Harriet’s older brother, Ben, shared her fiery spirit and worked alongside her on the Underground Railroad.

He risked his life countless times to guide enslaved people to freedom, showcasing his commitment to abolition.

 Linah Ross

Harriet’s older sister, Linah, was tragically sold away at a young age.

Despite the painful separation, Harriet never gave up hope of reuniting with her.

Their story embodies the heartbreaking consequences of slavery, but also the enduring power of familial love.

Mariah Ritty Rose

Another of Harriet’s sisters, Mariah Ritty, also faced the cruelty of being sold away.

Harriet eventually managed to purchase Mariah’s freedom, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to reuniting her family.

Moses Ross

Harriet’s younger brother, Moses Ross, like Ben, joined his sister in the perilous work of the Underground Railroad.

Together, they navigated treacherous routes and defied the risks to guide others to freedom.


How did they support Harriet?

Ben and Moses actively participated in the Underground Railroad alongside Harriet, sharing the risks and rewards of her mission.

Mariah Ritty’s success as a businesswoman served as an inspiration and showed Harriet the possibilities for economic independence after slavery.

Each sibling offered emotional support and a sense of family, which fueled Harriet’s determination and helped her cope with the hardships she faced.

Did their story influence Harriet’s legacy?

Absolutely! By understanding the struggles and triumphs of her siblings, we gain a deeper appreciation for the forces that shaped Harriet Tubman.

Their collective resilience, spirit of resistance, and unwavering love for one another add another layer to her incredible legacy.


Harriet Tubman  story is often told as a solitary act of courage.
But by exploring the lives of her siblings, we gain a deeper understanding of the forces that shaped her.
Their individual struggles, triumphs, and unwavering support paint a more complete picture of a family bound by resilience, love, and a shared dream of freedom.
By remembering the stories of Harriet Tubman’s siblings, we celebrate not just one heroic figure, but a whole family whose collective strength and determination helped illuminate the path to freedom for countless others.

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