Henry VIII Siblings: Beyond the Shadow of the King

King Henry VIII of England had six wives and is well-known, but people often forget about his siblings when talking about history.

However, knowing how he got along with them helps us understand him better, how he acted politically, and what happened during his time ruling.

Let’s learn more about Henry VIII’s brothers and sisters.

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Arthur Tudor

Arthur, Henry VIII’s older brother, was born in 1486 but sadly passed away when he was only 15 years old.

His birth marked the official joining of the Tudor and York families.

At just three years old, Arthur became the Prince of Wales and the Earl of Chester.

His parents hoped for big things from him, especially since he married Catherine of Aragon, the daughter of powerful rulers from Spain, in a lavish ceremony on November 14, 1501.

Everything seemed great on his wedding day.

Arthur was healthy and married to one of the most influential women of his time.

However, tragedy struck only six months later when Arthur died suddenly from what historians believe was the sweating sickness, a deadly illness that swept through England.

This disease caused cold shivers, dizziness, limb pain, and exhaustion, leading to rapid death for many. Fortunately, Catherine survived.

Margaret Tudor

Margaret was born in 1489.

Her parents had big plans for her—they hoped she could help bring peace between England and Scotland.

So, when Margaret was just 13, she got married to James IV of Scotland, as part of a deal between the two countries.

They were married for ten years and had six kids, but sadly, only one of them survived into adulthood.

Then, in 1513, James IV died in battle, and Margaret became a widow.

Even though her son, King James V, was too young to rule, Margaret stepped in as regent, which meant she held power temporarily.

After her husband died, some people wanted to kick Margaret out and put someone else in charge.

She got help from a Scottish group called the Douglases, but then she fell in love with one of them, Archibald Douglas, and married him without thinking it through.

That was a mistake because soon after, the nobles joined together and kicked her out.

But Margaret didn’t give up.

She asked another Scottish group, the Hamiltons, for help, and they helped her overthrow the person who replaced her.

Fun Fact: Margaret got married again in 1527 to Henry Stewart, 1st Lord of Methven.

She died about 15 years later.

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An infographic with Margaret Tudor’s facts, PHOTO CREDIT: Siblinngspedia.com.


Elizabeth Tudor

Elizabeth Tudor was the fourth child and second daughter of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York.

Sadly, she didn’t grow up and passed away when she was only three years old.

Elizabeth was born on July 2nd, 1492, in Sheen Palace, Surrey, about three years after her sister Margaret.

She died shortly after, on September 14th, 1495.

Margaret’s tomb, made of Purbeck and black marble, is now in Westminster Abbey.

Her parents put a Latin inscription on top, which says she was born in 1492 and died in 1495, asking for God’s mercy on her soul.

Fun Fact:
After Elizabeth was born, her father rebuilt Sheen Palace and changed its name to Richmond Palace.

Mary Tudor

Mary Tudor was the youngest daughter of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York.

Like her siblings, she was spoiled as a child.

At six years old, she had her household and staff.

She was close to her brother Henry VIII, though they disagreed later.

Mary learned music, Latin, dancing, French, and embroidery.

At 18, she was supposed to marry Louis XII of France, but she loved Charles Brandon.

She asked Henry to let her choose her second husband if Louis died, but he didn’t agree.

Louis XII died soon after the wedding, but Henry forbade Mary from marrying Charles.

They married in secret, and when Henry found out, he wanted Charles executed.

However, powerful people intervened, and Charles only got a fine.

They stayed together until Mary died at 37.

Fun Fact: Mary had a sweating sickness like her brother Arthur and never fully recovered.

She died five years later.

 Edmund Tudor

Edmund Tudor was called the Duke of Somerset since birth, though there’s no official record proving it.

He was the sixth child of King Henry VII and Queen Elizabeth.

Born in February 1499 at Greenwich Palace, he was named after his grandfather, Edmund Tudor.

He was baptized three days later at the church of Observant Friars.

Sadly, he died young at Hatfield House when he was just one year old.

The exact cause of his death remains unknown, but there was a plague spreading in England at that time.

Edmund was buried alongside his sister Elizabeth, and his father paid £242 for his burial.

Did You Know?

During the plague, King Henry VII and Queen Elizabeth stayed in Calais for forty days.

Their children were moved to Hatfield House for isolation.

They returned to Dover on June 16, only to learn of their son’s death either during the journey or upon arrival.

 Katherine Tudor

Katherine Tudor, born in February 1503, was Henry VIII’s youngest sister.

Sadly, we have little information about her.

All we know is that she was King Henry VII and Queen Elizabeth’s last child and only survived for eight days.

Did You Know?

Katherine was born in the Tower of London.

Henry VIII

An image of Henry VIII Siblings
An infographic with facts of
Henry VIII, PHOTO CREDIT: Siblingspedia.com.


Henry VIII, a crucial king in England’s history, ruled from 1509 to 1547.

He’s famous for starting the Church of England.

He married six times and had eight kids.

His first wife, Catherine of Aragon, was a big deal because their divorce led to the creation Anglicanism.

When the Pope said no to his divorce, Henry VIII split from the Catholic Church.

This move is called the English Reformation.

Not many know that Henry VIII often had money problems because he spent too much on wars and fancy things, but he didn’t win many battles.

Henry VIII was the third child of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York.


Learning about King Henry VIII’s brothers and sisters helps us understand his time better.

It shows us more about his family and the important events that happened during his rule.

It’s like piecing together a puzzle to see the bigger picture of history.


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