Hikaru Hitachiin: Get to Know Kaoru Hitachiin’s Brother

Hikaru Hitachiin, the older of the identical Hitachiin twins, is a student in Class 1-A at Ouran Academy.

He shares this class with his younger brother, Kaoru, and Haruhi Fujioka, the only female member of the Ouran Host Club.

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Hikaru Hitachiin and Kaoru Hitachiin
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Although Hikaru is often seen as the leader of the duo, he tends to struggle with emotional maturity compared to his brother.

His tendency to act impulsively sometimes causes tension, while Kaoru is generally more calm and measured.

Both twins were invited to join the Host Club by Tamaki Suoh, who recognized their unique charm and playful interactions.

The “Little Devil” Twins

Hikaru and Kaoru are famous within the Ouran Host Club for their mischief and lighthearted approach to hosting.

They are nicknamed the “Little Devil” twins, a title that reflects their penchant for causing harmless trouble while keeping the atmosphere fun.

The brothers’ main act, known as the “Forbidden Brotherly Love” routine, is popular among the club’s female clients.

It involves them playfully acting out scenarios that hint at twincestuous themes, which has proven to be a successful gimmick.

A key aspect of their act is the “Which One Is Hikaru?” game, where they both wear identical caps and invite people to guess who is who.

Haruhi, however, always manages to tell them apart, demonstrating her unique understanding of the twins’ personalities and mannerisms.

Hikaru Hitachiin Immaturity and Jealousy

Despite being the older twin, Hikaru’s immaturity can lead to moments of jealousy and over-possessiveness.

He often struggles with controlling his emotions, and this has caused problems within the Host Club.

In one notable instance, Hikaru became jealous of Haruhi’s childhood friend, Arai, leading to a confrontation where Haruhi slapped him.

After the incident, Hikaru ran off, and it was Kaoru who had to go after him and help him calm down.

Similarly, in the manga, Hikaru gets annoyed when Haruhi frequently discusses Tamaki’s family issues, prompting him to leave abruptly.

Kaoru, once again, takes on the role of the peacemaker, guiding his brother through his emotional turmoil.

Astrological Symbolism of Gemini

Hikaru’s astrological sign is Gemini, often associated with versatility, adaptability, and eloquence. However, Gemini also has a darker side, which includes inconsistency, indecision, and superficiality.

Many fans believe that Hikaru and Kaoru represent different facets of the Gemini sign.

Hikaru tends to embody the more impulsive and unpredictable side, often acting on his whims, while Kaoru is generally more stable and rational.

This dichotomy creates an interesting dynamic between the twins, with Kaoru often grounding Hikaru’s more erratic tendencies.

Hikaru Hitachiin Distinctive Style

When not dressed in the standard Ouran Academy uniform, Hikaru prefers to wear bold and unconventional designer clothing, distinguishing himself from his brother.

He has a penchant for experimenting with hair colors; in the manga, he dyes his hair dark brown to differentiate himself from Kaoru, while in the anime, he changes it to pink after a fight with Kaoru.

Later, he opts for powder blue to confuse the Host Club’s female customers.

Despite these efforts, Hikaru’s loyalty to Kaoru remains unwavering, and his rose color in the Host Club, light blue, symbolizes his deep connection to his twin.

This strong bond, however, can sometimes impede his own growth, as he relies heavily on Kaoru for emotional support and guidance.


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