Hilary Duff’s Sister: Who Is Haylie Duff and What Is She Doing Now?

Hilary Duff’s sister: Who Is Haylie Duff, and What Is She Doing Now?

Hilary Duff is one of the most beloved and successful stars of the 2000s.

She rose to fame as the titular character of the Disney Channel show Lizzie McGuire.

She went on to star in many movies and TV shows, such as A Cinderella Story, Cheaper by the Dozen, Younger, and How I Met Your Father.

Also, she is a singer, a fashion designer, a producer, and a mother of three.

But did you know that Hilary Duff has an older sister who is also an actress and a singer?

Her name is Haylie Duff, and she has been in the entertainment industry since she was a child.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Hilary Duff’s sister, Haylie Duff.

Haylie Duff, an accomplished actress and singer, and the older sister of Hilary Duff.
Haylie Duff – A talented actress and singer, and the sister of Hilary Duff.[PHOTO: Instagram]

Early Life and Education

Born on February 19, 1985, in Houston, Texas, Haylie Duff hails from a diverse background, with Irish and German roots.

As the daughter of Susan Colleen, a film producer, and Robert Erhard Duff, a convenience store owner, family played a significant role in her upbringing.

Growing up bilingual alongside her younger sister Hilary, they navigated a world of both English and Spanish in their household.

Fueled by early passions for acting and singing, Haylie found inspiration in her sister’s performances, leading her to join a local theater group.

Adding dance and ice skating to her repertoire, she even competed in tournaments.

Later, she pursued academics and the arts at Woldingham School in Surrey, England, showcasing her talents both in and out of the classroom.

While Haylie’s academic success was evident with high grades in GCSEs and A-levels, her journey into drama schools in London faced initial rejection.

This setback, however, would only be a chapter in her story, as she continued to forge her path in the world of entertainment.

Who is Hillary Duff?

Born on September 28, 1987, Hilary Erhard Duff is a multifaceted American talent, renowned as an actress, singer, author, and businesswoman.

Her journey into the limelight began early, catapulting her to teen idol status with the lead role in Disney Channel’s Lizzie McGuire.

Beyond her iconic Disney days, Duff graced mainstream films like Cadet Kelly, Agent Cody Banks, Cheaper by the Dozen, and A Cinderella Story, showcasing a versatile range in later independent films.

Duff’s musical prowess soared with her second album, Metamorphosis, reaching Billboard 200’s summit and securing a 4× Platinum certification from the RIAA.

Her global music sales estimate stands at an impressive 15 million records.

Not limiting herself to entertainment, Duff ventured into the literary world, co-authoring a trilogy of novels starting with the New York Times bestseller, Elixir (2010), followed by Devoted (2011) and True (2013).

Hilary Duff’s dynamic career continues to influence and inspire across various artistic realms.


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Breakthrough Roles

Haylie Duff ventured into the world of acting in 1997, marking her debut in short films and TV shows like True Women, The Amanda Show, Chicago Hope, and Boston Public.

Her first regular role as Dr. Jackie Collette in the medical drama Presidio Med came in 2002, but unfortunately, the show concluded after just one season.

The turning point in Haylie Duff’s career arrived in 2004 with her breakthrough role as Sandy Jameson in the family drama 7th Heaven.

Portraying the best friend and eventual wife of Simon Camden, she garnered acclaim for her performance over 32 episodes spanning 2004 to 2007.

Beyond television, Haylie Duff showcased her acting prowess in various movies, including notable titles like Napoleon Dynamite, Material Girls, My Sexiest Year, and Slightly Single in L.A.

Her presence extended to TV movies such as Nightmare, Love Takes Wing, Love Finds a Home, and The Wedding Pact.

Haylie also lent her voice to animated films, adding another dimension to her versatile career with projects like In Search of Santa, Food fight!, and The Dog Who Saved Christmas.


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Music and Cooking Career

Haylie Duff’s artistic flair extends beyond acting; she’s a singer and songwriter with notable contributions to movie soundtracks, including hits like “Girl in the Band,” “Sweetest Pain,” and “One in This World.”

Collaborating with her sister Hilary, they created memorable tunes such as “Our Lips Are Sealed,” “What Dreams Are Made Of,” and “Material Girl.”

Haylie also showcased her songwriting talent by co-penning tracks like “Gypsy Woman,” “Danger,” and “Holiday” for Hilary’s albums.

Beyond the spotlight, Haylie Duff has a passion for culinary arts.

In 2012, she launched The Real Girl’s Kitchen blog, sharing her recipes and culinary insights.

This passion culminated in a cookbook of the same name in 2013.

Bringing her culinary expertise to the screen, she hosted a cooking show based on her blog, airing on the Cooking Channel from 2014 to 2016.

Additionally, she took viewers on a gastronomic journey in Haylie’s America, another cooking show that graced screens in 2016.

Personal Life and Philanthropy

Haylie Duff is engaged to Matt Rosenberg, a clothing entrepreneur.

They have been together since 2012 and got engaged in 2014.

They have two daughters: Ryan Ava, born in 2015, and Lulu Gray, born in 2018.


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The family lives in Los Angeles, California.

Haylie Duff is also involved in various charitable causes and organizations.

She is a supporter of the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, a nonprofit that helps military personnel and their families.

Also, she is a member of the Creative Coalition, a group that advocates for arts and education funding and policy.


Haylie Duff, a multifaceted artist with over two decades in the entertainment industry, seamlessly navigates the realms of acting, singing, and culinary arts.

Renowned for her impactful roles in 7th Heaven, Napoleon Dynamite, and The Real Girl’s Kitchen, she stands out as a versatile talent.

Beyond her artistic prowess, Haylie shares a close and supportive bond with her younger sister Hilary, adding a personal touch to her star-studded journey.

A role model for aspiring artists and chefs alike, Haylie Duff shines as a luminary in her own right.

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